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Gilliam, MelissaPerson Why?
Lahey, BenjaminPerson Why?
Building protective factors to offset sexually risky behaviors among black youths: a randomized control trial.Academic Article Why?
Gibbons, RobertPerson Why?
Ross, LainiePerson Why?
Testing pathways linking exposure to community violence and sexual behaviors among African American youth.Academic Article Why?
Predicting the Transition From Suicidal Ideation to Suicide Attempt Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youths.Academic Article Why?
Satisfaction with continuous glucose monitoring in adults and youths with Type 1 diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Emotional face identification in youths with primary bipolar disorder or primary attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.Academic Article Why?
Self-implemented HIV testing: perspectives on improving dissemination among urban African American youths.Academic Article Why?
Representativeness of clinical samples of youths with mental disorders: a preliminary population-based study.Academic Article Why?
Empathic responsiveness in amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex in youths with psychopathic traits.Academic Article Why?
The mental and physical health of homeless youth: a literature review.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes and Counseling Practices of Pediatricians Regarding Youth Sports Participation and Concussion Risks.Academic Article Why?
The Pediatrician's Moral Obligation to Counsel Directively Against Youth Tackle Football.Academic Article Why?
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