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National Trends and Outcomes in Dialysis-Requiring Acute Kidney Injury in Heart Failure: 2002-2013.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of novel biomarkers in the diagnosis, prognosis, and management of acute kidney injury: executive summary from the tenth consensus conference of the Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative (ADQI).Academic Article Why?
Potential use of biomarkers in acute kidney injury: report and summary of recommendations from the 10th Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative consensus conference.Academic Article Why?
Differential diagnosis of AKI in clinical practice by functional and damage biomarkers: workgroup statements from the tenth Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative Consensus Conference.Academic Article Why?
Aggressive peritoneal dialysis for treatment of acute kidney failure after neonatal heart transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Acute Genital Edema during Peritoneal Dialysis: A Review for Surgeons.Academic Article Why?
Determinants of survival and recovery in acute renal failure patients dialyzed in intensive-care units.Academic Article Why?
Ascites reinfusion dialysis (ARD) for renal failure with refractory ascites.Academic Article Why?
Outpatient Dialysis for Patients with AKI: A Policy Approach to Improving Care.Academic Article Why?
Renal replacement therapy in the critical care unit.Academic Article Why?
A Woman With an Unusual Postprocedure Chest Radiograph.Academic Article Why?
Collapsing Glomerulopathy in Lambda Light Chain Amyloidosis: A Report of 2 Cases.Academic Article Why?
Cytokine Clearances in Critically Ill Patients on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy.Academic Article Why?
Tissue Inhibitor Metalloproteinase-2 (TIMP-2)·IGF-Binding Protein-7 (IGFBP7) Levels Are Associated with Adverse Long-Term Outcomes in Patients with AKI.Academic Article Why?
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