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Cellular neurothekeoma with fascicular growth features mimicking cellular dermatofibroma.Academic Article Why?
Atypical cellular blue nevi (cellular blue nevi with atypical features): lack of consensus for diagnosis and distinction from cellular blue nevi and malignant melanoma ("malignant blue nevus").Academic Article Why?
ESE-3, an Ets family transcription factor, is up-regulated in cellular senescence.Academic Article Why?
Immunomodulating effect of vitamin D3 derivatives on type-1 cellular immunity.Academic Article Why?
Overcoming cellular senescence in human cancer pathogenesis.Academic Article Why?
The role of cytokines in the initiation, expansion, and control of cellular immunity to tuberculosis.Academic Article Why?
Antigens reversibly conjugated to a polymeric glyco-adjuvant induce protective humoral and cellular immunity.Academic Article Why?
Cellular immunity to acetylcholine receptor in myasthenia gravis: relationship to histocompatibility type and antigenic site.Academic Article Why?
Nanoparticle conjugation of CpG enhances adjuvancy for cellular immunity and memory recall at low dose.Academic Article Why?
United we stand: integrating the actin cytoskeleton and cell-matrix adhesions in cellular mechanotransduction.Academic Article Why?
Kron, Stephen J.Person Why?
Molecular and Cellular Biology TrainingGrant Why?
Cellular and humoral immunity after allogeneic renal transplantation in the rat. V. Appearance of anti-idiotypic antibody and its relationship to cellular immunity after treatment with donor spleen cells and alloantibody.Academic Article Why?
Cellular and humoral immunity after allogeneic transplantation in the rat. 3. The effect of passive antibody on cellular and humoral immunity after allogeneic renal transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Cellular and humoral immunity after allogeneic transplantation in the rat. II. Comparison of a 51Cr release assay and modified microcytotoxicity assay for detection of cellular immunity and blocking serum factors.Academic Article Why?
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