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Coevolution-based inference of amino acid interactions underlying protein function.Academic Article Why?
Coevolution of Genome Architecture and Social Behavior.Academic Article Why?
Coevolution of T-cell receptors with MHC and non-MHC ligands.Academic Article Why?
Genomic variability as a driver of plant-pathogen coevolution?Academic Article Why?
Models and data on plant-enemy coevolution.Academic Article Why?
Undersampling and the inference of coevolution in proteins.Academic Article Why?
Coevolution within and between regulatory loci can preserve promoter function despite evolutionary rate acceleration.Academic Article Why?
Robust signals of coevolution of interacting residues in mammalian proteomes identified by phylogeny-aided structural analysis.Academic Article Why?
The coevolution of genes and genetic codes: Crick's frozen accident revisited.Academic Article Why?
Biological CoevolutionConcept Why?
Bergelson, JoyPerson Why?
Cobey, Sarah E.Person Why?
Coevolution of killer cell Ig-like receptors with HLA-C to become the major variable regulators of human NK cells.Academic Article Why?
NK cell receptors of the orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus): a pivotal species for tracking the coevolution of killer cell Ig-like receptors with MHC-C.Academic Article Why?
Rapid Cis-Trans Coevolution Driven by a Novel Gene Retroposed from a Eukaryotic Conserved CCR4-NOT Component in Drosophila.Academic Article Why?
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