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Apical dendrite degeneration, a novel cellular pathology for Betz cells in ALS.Academic Article Why?
Centrosomin represses dendrite branching by orienting microtubule nucleation.Academic Article Why?
Dendrite-to-soma input/output function of continuous time-varying signals in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons.Academic Article Why?
Differential release of ß-amyloid from dendrite- versus axon-targeted APP.Academic Article Why?
Amyloid beta from axons and dendrites reduces local spine number and plasticity.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of voltage sensitive calcium channels in dendrites of cultured rat cerebellar neurons.Academic Article Why?
Long-term depression of climbing fiber-evoked calcium transients in Purkinje cell dendrites.Academic Article Why?
Ric-3 promotes alpha7 nicotinic receptor assembly and trafficking through the ER subcompartment of dendrites.Academic Article Why?
Sheffield, MarkPerson Why?
DendritesConcept Why?
Arborization of dendrites by developing neocortical neurons is dependent on primary cilia and type 3 adenylyl cyclase.Academic Article Why?
Superoxide dismutase is an abundant component in cell bodies, dendrites, and axons of motor neurons and in a subset of other neurons.Academic Article Why?
Wei, WeiPerson Why?
A strict correlation between dendritic and somatic plateau depolarizations in the rat prefrontal cortex pyramidal neurons.Academic Article Why?
Amphetamine-induced changes in dendritic morphology in rat forebrain correspond to associative drug conditioning rather than nonassociative drug sensitization.Academic Article Why?
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