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Live Cell Imaging of Hepatitis C Virus Trafficking in Hepatocytes.Academic Article Why?
Probing intracellular force distributions by high-resolution live cell imaging and inverse dynamics.Academic Article Why?
Resolving the assembly state of herpes simplex virus during axon transport by live-cell imaging.Academic Article Why?
Live Cell MicroRNA Imaging Using Cascade Hybridization Reaction.Academic Article Why?
Two-photon targeted recording of GFP-expressing neurons for light responses and live-cell imaging in the mouse retina.Academic Article Why?
Nelson, DeborahPerson Why?
Doi, KunioPerson Why?
Understanding the photophysics of the spinach-DFHBI RNA aptamer-fluorogen complex to improve live-cell RNA imaging.Academic Article Why?
Time-resolved and two-photon emission imaging microscopy of live cells with inert platinum complexes.Academic Article Why?
Preparation and use of MitoPY1 for imaging hydrogen peroxide in mitochondria of live cells.Academic Article Why?
Imaging poliovirus entry in live cells.Academic Article Why?
Glotzer, MichaelPerson Why?
Thinakaran, GopalPerson Why?
Use of molecular beacons to image effects of titanium surface microstructure on beta1 integrin expression in live osteoblast-like cells.Academic Article Why?
Correction: Michael addition-based probes for ratiometric fluorescence imaging of protein S-depalmitoylases in live cells and tissues.Academic Article Why?
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