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Association of body mass index and outcomes after major lung resection.Academic Article Why?
[Potential usefulness of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) in a mass survey for lung cancer using photo-fluorographic films].Academic Article Why?
Hogarth, Douglas KylePerson Why?
An Unusual Lung Mass of Heterotopic Pancreatic Tissue in a Neonate With an Elevated Immunoreactive Trypsinogen on Newborn Screen.Academic Article Why?
Low Thoracic Skeletal Muscle Area Predicts Morbidity After Pneumonectomy for Lung Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Increased Disparities in Patients Diagnosed with Metastatic Lung Cancer Following Lung CT Screening in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Screening for Lung Cancer: Incidental Pulmonary Parenchymal Findings.Academic Article Why?
Early Diagnosis and Screening for Lung Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Quality assurance and quantitative imaging biomarkers in low-dose CT lung cancer screening.Academic Article Why?
Screening for lung cancer--a review.Academic Article Why?
Update on Lung Cancer Screening.Academic Article Why?
Biomarker discovery in lung cancer--promises and challenges of clinical proteomics.Academic Article Why?
[Evaluation of the potential benefit of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) for lung cancer screenings using photofluorography: analysis of an observer study].Academic Article Why?
Early stage lung cancer--new approaches to evaluation and treatment: conference summary statement.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of automated lung nodule detection on low-dose computed tomography scans from a lung cancer screening program(1).Academic Article Why?
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