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Automated lung nodule classification following automated nodule detection on CT: a serial approach.Academic Article Why?
Variable radiological lung nodule evaluation leads to divergent management recommendations.Academic Article Why?
Lung Nodule Management: An Interventional Pulmonology Perspective.Academic Article Why?
Temporal subtraction method for lung nodule detection on successive thoracic CT soft-copy images.Academic Article Why?
Image annotation for conveying automated lung nodule detection results to radiologists.Academic Article Why?
A computerized scheme for lung nodule detection in multiprojection chest radiography.Academic Article Why?
LUNGx Challenge for computerized lung nodule classification.Academic Article Why?
LUNGx Challenge for computerized lung nodule classification: reflections and lessons learned.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of automated lung nodule detection on low-dose computed tomography scans from a lung cancer screening program(1).Academic Article Why?
Hogarth, Douglas KylePerson Why?
Cystic and nodular lung disease.Academic Article Why?
Armato, Samuel G.Person Why?
Evaluation of lung MDCT nodule annotation across radiologists and methods.Academic Article Why?
Using Computer Analysis to Predict Likelihood of Cancer in Lung Nodules.Academic Article Why?
Doi, KunioPerson Why?
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