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Voss, JoelPerson Why?
Awh, EdwardPerson Why?
Vogel, EdwardPerson Why?
"Memory compression" effects in visual working memory are contingent on explicit long-term memory.Academic Article Why?
Shared Representational Formats for Information Maintained in Working Memory and Information Retrieved from Long-Term Memory.Academic Article Why?
Visual short-term memory capacity predicts the "bandwidth" of visual long-term memory encoding.Academic Article Why?
Hippocampal binding of novel information with dominant memory traces can support both memory stability and change.Academic Article Why?
Working memory and fluid intelligence: capacity, attention control, and secondary memory retrieval.Academic Article Why?
Distributed Patterns of Functional Connectivity Predict Working Memory Performance in Novel Healthy and Memory-impaired Individuals.Academic Article Why?
Neural correlates of conceptual implicit memory and their contamination of putative neural correlates of explicit memory.Academic Article Why?
The rhythm of memory: how breathing shapes memory function.Academic Article Why?
Prefrontal ?-Burst Stimulation Disrupts the Organizing Influence of Active Short-Term Retrieval on Episodic Memory.Academic Article Why?
Alpha-band oscillations track the retrieval of precise spatial representations from long-term memory.Academic Article Why?
Nusbaum, HowardPerson Why?
Sleep-dependent reconsolidation after memory destabilization in starlings.Academic Article Why?
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