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Greeley, Siri Atma W.Person Why?
An online monogenic diabetes discussion group: supporting families and fueling new research.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Management of Women with Monogenic Diabetes During Pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
Diagnosis, treatment and disclosure: A qualitative exploration of participant challenges in a Monogenic Diabetes Registry.Academic Article Why?
Monogenic Diabetes in Children and Adolescents: Recognition and Treatment Options.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric Monogenic Diabetes: A Unique Challenge and Opportunity.Academic Article Why?
GCK-MODY in the US Monogenic Diabetes Registry: Description of 27 unpublished variants.Academic Article Why?
Approach to the Patient with MODY-Monogenic Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
GCK-MODY in the US National Monogenic Diabetes Registry: frequently misdiagnosed and unnecessarily treated.Academic Article Why?
Management and pregnancy outcomes of women with GCK-MODY enrolled in the US Monogenic Diabetes Registry.Academic Article Why?
Monogenic diabetes: the impact of making the right diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
Pancreatic Histopathology of Human Monogenic Diabetes Due to Causal Variants in KCNJ11, HNF1A, GATA6, and LMNA.Academic Article Why?
Systematic Review of Treatment of Beta-Cell Monogenic Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Monogenic Diabetes: Next Generation Diagnosis, Treatment and ComplicationsGrant Why?
Philipson, LouisPerson Why?
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