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Time-resolved crystallography and protein design: signalling photoreceptors and optogenetics.Academic Article Why?
Glotzer, MichaelPerson Why?
Nelson, DeborahPerson Why?
Maunsell, JohnPerson Why?
Sosnick, TobinPerson Why?
A Photoactivatable Innate Immune Receptor for Optogenetic Inflammation.Academic Article Why?
Development of an optogenetic toolkit for neural circuit dissection in squirrel monkeys.Academic Article Why?
Optogenetic measurement of presynaptic calcium transients using conditional genetically encoded calcium indicator expression in dopaminergic neurons.Academic Article Why?
Optogenetic neuronal stimulation of the lateral cerebellar nucleus promotes persistent functional recovery after stroke.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of neural gene transcription by optogenetic inhibition of the RE1-silencing transcription factor.Academic Article Why?
Sheffield, MarkPerson Why?
Sherman, S.Person Why?
Zhuang, XiaoxiPerson Why?
Kaufman, MatthewPerson Why?
Blood oxygenation level dependent signal and neuronal adaptation to optogenetic and sensory stimulation in somatosensory cortex in awake animals.Academic Article Why?
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