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Valaitis, SandraPerson Why?
Practice satisfaction, occupational stress, and attrition of emergency physicians. Wellness Task Force, Illinois College of Emergency Physicians.Academic Article Why?
Simon, JuliaPerson Why?
Lindau, StacyPerson Why?
Goldberg, MichaelPerson Why?
Vela, Monica B.Person Why?
Press, Valerie G.Person Why?
Minor, AgataPerson Why?
Sherer, RenslowPerson Why?
Woodruff, JamesPerson Why?
Benjamin, Holly J.Person Why?
Anitescu, MagdalenaPerson Why?
Cheema, NavneetPerson Why?
Polonsky, Tamar S.Person Why?
Yeo, Kiang-Teck JerryPerson Why?
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