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Ensuring accurate knowledge of prematurity outcomes for prenatal counseling.Academic Article Why?
Nelson Kelly, KellyPerson Why?
Lissencephaly and subcortical band heterotopia: molecular basis and diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes of paediatric and obstetric specialists towards prenatal surgery for lethal and non-lethal conditions.Academic Article Why?
Parental decision following prenatal diagnosis of fetal chromosome abnormality.Academic Article Why?
Antenatal Periviability Counseling and Decision Making: A Retrospective Examination by the Investigating Neonatal Decisions for Extremely Early Deliveries Study Group.Academic Article Why?
Variation in the treatment of infants born at the borderline of viability.Academic Article Why?
Ross, LainiePerson Why?
Resistance to thyroid hormone.Academic Article Why?
Screening for Down's syndrome: the first two years experience in Bristol.Academic Article Why?
Mackendrick, WilliamPerson Why?
Extracardiac lesions and chromosomal abnormalities associated with major fetal heart defects: comparison of intrauterine, postnatal and postmortem diagnoses.Academic Article Why?
Management of abnormal serum markers in the absence of aneuploidy or neural tube defects.Academic Article Why?
Genotype-phenotype correlation and pregnancy outcomes of partial trisomy 14q: A systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Pregnancy in renal transplant recipients.Academic Article Why?
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