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Factors Associated With Diagnostic Accuracy of Robotic Bronchoscopy With 12-Month Follow-up.Academic Article Why?
Robotic bronchoscopy for pulmonary lesions: a review of existing technologies and clinical data.Academic Article Why?
What should we realistically expect from robotic bronchoscopy in the near future?Academic Article Why?
Robotic assisted-bronchoscopy: technical tips and lessons learned from the initial experience with sampling peripheral lung lesions.Academic Article Why?
Hogarth, Douglas KylePerson Why?
Murgu, SeptimiuPerson Why?
Robot-assisted bronchoscopy for pulmonary lesion diagnosis: results from the initial multicenter experience.Academic Article Why?
Chaney, MarkPerson Why?
Klafta, Jerome M.Person Why?
Tung, AveryPerson Why?
Slater, BethanyPerson Why?
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