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Scattering, Small AngleConcept Why?
Sosnick, Tobin R.Person Why?
How slow is the transbilayer diffusion (flip-flop) of cholesterol?Academic Article Why?
Innovative scattering analysis shows that hydrophobic disordered proteins are expanded in water.Academic Article Why?
Modeling the hydration layer around proteins: applications to small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering.Academic Article Why?
New era of molecular structure and dynamics from solution scattering experiments.Academic Article Why?
Picosecond Photobiology: Watching a Signaling Protein Function in Real Time via Time-Resolved Small- and Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering.Academic Article Why?
Small-angle X-ray scattering and single-molecule FRET spectroscopy produce highly divergent views of the low-denaturant unfolded state.Academic Article Why?
Visualizing a protein quake with time-resolved X-ray scattering at a free-electron laser.Academic Article Why?
Tang, Wei-JenPerson Why?
Steck, TheodorePerson Why?
Henning, Robert W.Person Why?
Dynamics of Quaternary Structure Transitions in R-State Carbonmonoxyhemoglobin Unveiled in Time-Resolved X-ray Scattering Patterns Following a Temperature Jump.Academic Article Why?
Folding of a large protein at high structural resolution.Academic Article Why?
Insulin hexamer dissociation dynamics revealed by photoinduced T-jumps and time-resolved X-ray solution scattering.Academic Article Why?
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