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Ethical Issues in Surgical Critical Care: The Complexity of Interpersonal Relationships in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.Academic Article Why?
Cone, JenniferPerson Why?
Critical care of the cardiac patient.Academic Article Why?
Intensive care after elective craniotomy: "all politics is local".Academic Article Why?
Intensive care management of neonates with d-transposition of the great arteries and common arterial trunk.Academic Article Why?
Nurses' perceptions of subspecialization in pediatric cardiac intensive care unit: quality and patient safety implications.Academic Article Why?
Sustainability of protocolized handover of pediatric cardiac surgery patients to the intensive care unit.Academic Article Why?
Urinary glutathione S-transferases in the pathogenesis and diagnostic evaluation of acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery: a critical review.Academic Article Why?
A systematic review of propensity score methods in the acute care surgery literature: avoiding the pitfalls and proposing a set of reporting guidelines.Academic Article Why?
Damage control: what is its role in colorectal surgery?Academic Article Why?
Experience with an Acuity Adaptable Care Model for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Implementing a resident acute care surgery service: Improving resident education and patient care.Academic Article Why?
Tung, AveryPerson Why?
Millis, JamesPerson Why?
Koyner, JayPerson Why?
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