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Cross-editing by a tRNA synthetase allows vertebrates to abundantly express mischargeable tRNA without causing mistranslation.Academic Article Why?
The heterotrimeric Thermus thermophilus Asp-tRNA(Asn) amidotransferase can also generate Gln-tRNA(Gln).Academic Article Why?
High levels of tRNA abundance and alteration of tRNA charging by bortezomib in multiple myeloma.Academic Article Why?
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Phe-tRNA synthetase: structural insights into tRNA recognition and aminoacylation.Academic Article Why?
Determination of tRNA aminoacylation levels by high-throughput sequencing.Academic Article Why?
Transfer RNA genes in the mitochondrial DNA of cytoplasmic petite mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Academic Article Why?
Transfer RNA genes in mitochondrial DNA of grande (wild-type) yeast.Academic Article Why?
Modifications and functional genomics of human transfer RNA.Academic Article Why?
Anti-tumor effects of an engineered "killer" transfer RNA.Academic Article Why?
Biochemistry. New role for transfer RNA.Academic Article Why?
Hybridization of mitochondrial transfer RNA and mitochondrial DNA in petite mutants of yeast.Academic Article Why?
Microbiome characterization by high-throughput transfer RNA sequencing and modification analysis.Academic Article Why?
Reversible and rapid transfer-RNA deactivation as a mechanism of translational repression in stress.Academic Article Why?
Tissue-specific differences in human transfer RNA expression.Academic Article Why?
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