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Wound healing in airways in vivo.Academic Article Why?
[Autoradiographic studies on tissue protein metabolism in wound healing].Academic Article Why?
A role for amyloid precursor-like protein 2 in corneal epithelial wound healing.Academic Article Why?
An insurance policy for wound healing in abdominoplasty patients.Academic Article Why?
Application of basic fibroblast growth factor may reverse diabetic wound healing impairment.Academic Article Why?
Biomechanical characterization of vaginal versus abdominal surgical wound healing in the rabbit.Academic Article Why?
Circadian rhythms accelerate wound healing in female Siberian hamsters.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of corneal epithelial wound healing after photorefractive and lamellar keratectomy.Academic Article Why?
Delayed wound healing in Mac-1-deficient mice is associated with normal monocyte recruitment.Academic Article Why?
Effect of bilateral oophorectomy on wound healing of the rabbit vagina.Academic Article Why?
Effect of topical beta blockers on corneal epithelial wound healing in the rabbit.Academic Article Why?
Endogenous versus toxin-induced diabetes in rats: a mechanical comparison of two skin wound-healing models.Academic Article Why?
Epidermal SIRT1 regulates inflammation, cell migration, and wound healing.Academic Article Why?
Epithelial wound healing in inflammatory bowel diseases: the next therapeutic frontier.Academic Article Why?
Fibronectin binding modulates CXCL11 activity and facilitates wound healing.Academic Article Why?
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