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Concept Genetic Speciation
Academic Article RAD-seq linkage mapping and patterns of segregation distortion in sedges: meiosis as a driver of karyotypic evolution in organisms with holocentric chromosomes.
Academic Article Phylogeny and biogeography of East Asian evergreen oaks (Quercus section Cyclobalanopsis; Fagaceae): Insights into the Cenozoic history of evergreen broad-leaved forests in subtropical Asia.
Academic Article Karyotypic changes through dysploidy persist longer over evolutionary time than polyploid changes.
Academic Article Accelerated evolutionary rates in tropical and oceanic parmelioid lichens (Ascomycota).
Academic Article Sympatric parallel diversification of major oak clades in the Americas and the origins of Mexican species diversity.
Academic Article Allopatric speciation despite historical gene flow: Divergence and hybridization in Carex furva and C. lucennoiberica (Cyperaceae) inferred from plastid and nuclear RAD-seq data.
Academic Article Diversification rates and chromosome evolution in the most diverse angiosperm genus of the temperate zone (Carex, Cyperaceae).
Academic Article Dynamics of chromosome number and genome size variation in a cytogenetically variable sedge (Carex scoparia var. scoparia, Cyperaceae).
Academic Article Shifts in diversification rates and clade ages explain species richness in higher-level sedge taxa (Cyperaceae).
Academic Article A snapshot of progenitor-derivative speciation in Iberodes (Boraginaceae).
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