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Concept Biological Evolution
Concept Evolution, Molecular
Academic Article Inferring phylogenies from RAD sequence data.
Academic Article An Ancient Divide in a Contiguous Rainforest: Endemic Earthworms in the Australian Wet Tropics.
Academic Article Specialization and geographic isolation among Wolbachia symbionts from ants and lycaenid butterflies.
Academic Article Community analysis of microbial sharing and specialization in a Costa Rican ant-plant-hemipteran symbiosis.
Academic Article Phylogeny of the ants: diversification in the age of angiosperms.
Academic Article Bacterial gut symbionts are tightly linked with the evolution of herbivory in ants.
Academic Article Evidence for convergent evolution of host parasitic manipulation in response to environmental conditions.
Academic Article Highly similar microbial communities are shared among related and trophically similar ant species.
Academic Article Defensive traits exhibit an evolutionary trade-off and drive diversification in ants.
Academic Article Ant-plant interactions evolved through increasing interdependence.
Academic Article Unraveling the evolutionary history of the hyperdiverse ant genus Pheidole (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).
Academic Article Introduction: The host-associated microbiome: Pattern, process and function.
Academic Article Comparative genomics reveals convergent rates of evolution in ant-plant mutualisms.
Academic Article Microbial composition of spiny ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Polyrhachis) across their geographic range.
Academic Article Investment in higher order central processing regions is not constrained by brain size in social insects.
Academic Article Testing the museum versus cradle tropical biological diversity hypothesis: phylogeny, diversification, and ancestral biogeographic range evolution of the ants.
Academic Article Biogeography and morphological evolution in a Pacific island ant radiation.
Academic Article Evolution of the indoor biome.
Academic Article Exploring phenotypic plasticity and biogeography in emerald moths: A phylogeny of the genus Nemoria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).
Academic Article Development but not diet alters microbial communities in the Neotropical arboreal trap jaw ant Daceton armigerum: an exploratory study.
Academic Article Huntsman spider phylogeny informs evolution of life history, egg sacs, and morphology.

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