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Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article B cell antigen receptor signaling and internalization are mutually exclusive events.
Academic Article Mechanistic insights from a quantitative analysis of pollen tube guidance.
Academic Article Modeling bistable cell-fate choices in the Drosophila eye: qualitative and quantitative perspectives.
Academic Article An incoherent regulatory network architecture that orchestrates B cell diversification in response to antigen signaling.
Academic Article Phase resetting reveals network dynamics underlying a bacterial cell cycle.
Academic Article Intracellular transport of insulin granules is a subordinated random walk.
Academic Article Scaling laws governing stochastic growth and division of single bacterial cells.
Academic Article Gene regulatory networks in the immune system.
Academic Article Filament rigidity and connectivity tune the deformation modes of active biopolymer networks.
Academic Article Contractile units in disordered actomyosin bundles arise from F-actin buckling.
Academic Article Universality in stochastic exponential growth.
Academic Article A Versatile Framework for Simulating the Dynamic Mechanical Structure of Cytoskeletal Networks.
Academic Article Model for how retrograde actin flow regulates adhesion traction stresses.
Academic Article Nonequilibrium phase diagrams for actomyosin networks.
Academic Article Biphasic growth dynamics control cell division in Caulobacter crescentus.
Academic Article Bayesian modeling reveals metabolite-dependent ultrasensitivity in the cyanobacterial circadian clock.

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