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Concept Substance-Related Disorders
Academic Article Social costs of robbery and the cost-effectiveness of substance abuse treatment.
Academic Article Housing instability among current and former welfare recipients.
Academic Article Tailored treatment in the outpatient substance abuse treatment sector: 1995-2005.
Academic Article Maternal substance abuse and infant health: policy options across the life course.
Academic Article Influence of ownership on access in outpatient substance abuse treatment.
Academic Article Methamphetamine use among pregnant women.
Academic Article Lessons From Medicaid's Divergent Paths On Mental Health And Addiction Services.
Academic Article Can we protect drug users from hepatitis C?
Academic Article Who cares for involuntary clients?
Academic Article Harm reduction when it's for our own kids: comment on Hagit Bonny-Noach, "The evolution of Israeli public policy for drug-using backpackers.
Academic Article Syringe source, use, and discard among injection-drug users in New Haven, Connecticut.
Academic Article The Affordable Care Act Transformation of Substance Use Disorder Treatment.
Academic Article Duration of nonmethadone outpatient treatment: results from a national survey.
Academic Article Do benefits restrictions limit Medicaid acceptance in addiction treatment? Results from a national study.
Academic Article Despite Resources From The ACA, Most States Do Little To Help Addiction Treatment Programs Implement Health Care Reform.
Academic Article Outpatient substance abuse treatment and HIV prevention: an update.
Academic Article Benefit requirements for substance use disorder treatment in state health insurance exchanges.
Academic Article Welfare receipt and substance-abuse treatment among low-income mothers: the impact of welfare reform.
Academic Article Medicaid Benefits For Addiction Treatment Expanded After Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Drug testing welfare recipients--false positives, false negatives, unanticipated opportunities.
Academic Article Linkages Between Patient-centered Medical Homes and Addiction Treatment Organizations: Results From a National Survey.
Academic Article Welfare reform, substance use, and mental health.
Academic Article Terrorist attacks and substance abuse.
Academic Article Organizational determinants of boundary spanning activity in outpatient substance abuse treatment programmes.
Academic Article Welfare reform and substance abuse.
Academic Article HIV testing and counseling in the nation's outpatient substance abuse treatment system, 1995-2005.
Academic Article Screening for substance misuse in the dental care setting: findings from a nationally representative survey of dentists.
Academic Article Changes in State Technical Assistance Priorities and Block Grant Funds for Addiction After ACA Implementation.
Academic Article Medicaid coverage in substance use disorder treatment after the affordable care act.

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