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overview Research: animal welfare science, animal behavior, comparative psychology, primatology
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Concept Animal Welfare
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Academic Article Variation in oxytocin is related to variation in affiliative behavior in monogamous, pairbonded tamarins.
Academic Article Prosocial behaviour emerges independent of reciprocity in cottontop tamarins.
Academic Article Tool use for corpse cleaning in chimpanzees.
Academic Article Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) flexibly adjust their behaviour in order to maximize payoffs, not to conform to majorities.
Academic Article Behavioral response of a chimpanzee mother toward her dead infant.
Academic Article Cooperatively breeding cottontop tamarins (Saguinus oedipus) do not donate rewards to their long-term mates.
Academic Article A group-specific arbitrary tradition in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).
Academic Article Cooperative breeders do cooperate.
Academic Article Bonobos show limited social tolerance in a group setting: a comparison with chimpanzees and a test of the relational model.
Academic Article Neighbouring chimpanzee communities show different preferences in social grooming behaviour.
Academic Article Problem solving in the presence of others: how rank and relationship quality impact resource acquisition in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).
Academic Article Population-specific social dynamics in chimpanzees.
Academic Article Unnatural paradigm calls into question whether macaques' social decisions represent empathy.
Academic Article Chimpanzee culture extends beyond matrilineal family units.
Academic Article A multi-institutional assessment of a short-form personality questionnaire for use with macaques.
Academic Article Chimpanzees' responses to the dead body of a 9-year-old group member.
Academic Article The Social Rank of Zoo-Housed Japanese Macaques is a Predictor of Visitor-Directed Aggression.
Academic Article Evaluating the Behavior and Temperament of African Penguins in a Non-Contact Animal Encounter Program.
Academic Article Reply to Farine and Aplin: Chimpanzees choose their association and interaction partners.
Academic Article Sex and season predict wounds in zoo-housed Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata): A multi-institutional study.
Academic Article Food Cleaning by Japanese Macaques: Innate, Innovative or Cultural?
Academic Article Mapping Shade Availability and Use in Zoo Environments: A Tool for Evaluating Thermal Comfort.
Academic Article The relationship between personality, season, and wounding receipt in zoo-housed Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata): A multi-institutional study.
Academic Article Younger generations are more interested than older generations in having non-domesticated animals as pets.
Academic Article Do zoo-housed primates retreat from crowds? A simple study of five primate species.
Academic Article Chimpanzees organize their social relationships like humans.
Academic Article Choice, control, and animal welfare: definitions and essential inquiries to advance animal welfare science.
Academic Article Effects of captions on viewers' perceptions of images depicting human-primate interaction.
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