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Academic Article Neural measures reveal individual differences in controlling access to working memory.
Academic Article Neural Evidence for the Contribution of Active Suppression During Working Memory Filtering.
Academic Article Neural activity predicts individual differences in visual working memory capacity.
Academic Article Neural measures of individual differences in selecting and tracking multiple moving objects.
Academic Article Delineating the neural signatures of tracking spatial position and working memory during attentive tracking.
Academic Article Neural measures reveal a fixed item limit in subitizing.
Academic Article Neural measures of dynamic changes in attentive tracking load.
Academic Article Neural limits to representing objects still within view.
Academic Article The contralateral delay activity as a neural measure of visual working memory.
Academic Article Alpha-Band Oscillations Enable Spatially and Temporally Resolved Tracking of Covert Spatial Attention.
Academic Article Contralateral delay activity provides a neural measure of the number of representations in visual working memory.
Academic Article Dissecting the Neural Focus of Attention Reveals Distinct Processes for Spatial Attention and Object-Based Storage in Visual Working Memory.
Academic Article Item-specific delay activity demonstrates concurrent storage of multiple active neural representations in working memory.
Academic Article Alpha-band oscillations track the retrieval of precise spatial representations from long-term memory.
Academic Article Perturbing Neural Representations of Working Memory with Task-irrelevant Interruption.
Academic Article Perceptual Grouping Reveals Distinct Roles for Sustained Slow Wave Activity and Alpha Oscillations in Working Memory.

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