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Concept Speech Perception
Concept Speech Discrimination Tests
Academic Article Brain networks subserving the extraction of sentence information and its encoding to memory.
Academic Article Neural bases of talker normalization.
Academic Article Speech perception as an active cognitive process.
Academic Article The role of personal experience in the neural processing of action-related language.
Academic Article Abstract coding of audiovisual speech: beyond sensory representation.
Academic Article Hemispheric involvement in the perception of syntactic prosody is dynamically dependent on task demands.
Academic Article Hearing sounds as words: Neural responses to environmental sounds in the context of fluent speech.
Academic Article The sound of motion in spoken language: visual information conveyed by acoustic properties of speech.
Academic Article On the neurobiological investigation of language understanding in context.
Academic Article Processing interactions between segmental and suprasegmental information in native speakers of English and Mandarin Chinese.
Academic Article Understanding environmental sounds in sentence context.
Academic Article Speech-associated gestures, Broca's area, and the human mirror system.
Academic Article Listening to talking faces: motor cortical activation during speech perception.
Academic Article Talker variability in audio-visual speech perception.
Academic Article Perceptual learning of synthetic speech produced by rule.
Academic Article When less is heard than meets the ear: change deafness in a telephone conversation.
Academic Article Possible mechanisms of duplex perception: "chirp" identification versus dichotic fusion.
Academic Article Contextual effects in vowel perception I: anchor-induced contrast effects.
Academic Article Contextual effects in vowel perception II: evidence for two processing mechanisms.
Academic Article Selective attention and the acquisition of new phonetic categories.
Academic Article Auditory-motor expertise alters "speech selectivity" in professional musicians and actors.
Academic Article The role of "chirp" identification in duplex perception.
Academic Article Effects of speech rate and pitch contour on the perception of synthetic speech.
Academic Article Auditory and phonetic processes in place perception for stops.
Academic Article Hearing lips and seeing voices: how cortical areas supporting speech production mediate audiovisual speech perception.
Academic Article The role of second formant transitions in the stop-semivowel distinction.
Academic Article Acoustic differences, listener expectations, and the perceptual accommodation of talker variability.
Academic Article Effects of training on the acoustic phonetic representation of synthetic speech.
Academic Article Effects of intelligibility on working memory demand for speech perception.
Academic Article Repetition suppression for spoken sentences and the effect of task demands.
Academic Article Effects of training on attention to acoustic cues.
Academic Article Phonological priming in auditory word recognition.
Academic Article Cortical mechanisms of talker normalization in fluent sentences.
Academic Article Shaping perceptual learning of synthetic speech through feedback.
Academic Article Talker familiarity and the accommodation of talker variability.

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