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Concept Immunotherapy
Concept Immunotherapy, Adoptive
Academic Article Targeting the tumor-draining lymph node with adjuvanted nanoparticles reshapes the anti-tumor immune response.
Academic Article Engineering opportunities in cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Tumor lymphangiogenesis promotes T cell infiltration and potentiates immunotherapy in melanoma.
Academic Article Matrix-binding checkpoint immunotherapies enhance antitumor efficacy and reduce adverse events.
Academic Article Exploiting lymphatic vessels for immunomodulation: Rationale, opportunities, and challenges.
Academic Article Immunomodulatory roles of lymphatic vessels in cancer progression.
Academic Article 6-Thioguanine-loaded polymeric micelles deplete myeloid-derived suppressor cells and enhance the efficacy of T cell immunotherapy in tumor-bearing mice.
Academic Article Engineering approaches to immunotherapy.
Academic Article Trojan horses for immunotherapy.
Academic Article Targeted antibody and cytokine cancer immunotherapies through collagen affinity.
Academic Article Myeloid Cells Orchestrate Systemic Immunosuppression, Impairing the Efficacy of Immunotherapy against HPV+ Cancers.
Academic Article Recruitment of CD103+ dendritic cells via tumor-targeted chemokine delivery enhances efficacy of checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy.
Academic Article Overcoming transport barriers to immunotherapy.
Academic Article Masking the immunotoxicity of interleukin-12 by fusing it with a domain of its receptor via a tumour-protease-cleavable linker.
Grant Probing cellular, molecular and biomechanical barriers to immunotherapy in the tumor microenvironment with organotypic in vitro models of the tumor-lympho-immune interface
Grant Paradoxical roles of tumor lymphangiogenesis on tumor immunity and implications for immunotherapy - Resubmission 01
Academic Article Membrane-localized neoantigens predict the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Engineered IL-7 synergizes with IL-12 immunotherapy to prevent T cell exhaustion and promote memory without exacerbating toxicity.
Academic Article Engineering Challenges and Opportunities in Autologous Cellular Cancer Immunotherapy.
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