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Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article Mechanics of interstitial-lymphatic fluid transport: theoretical foundation and experimental validation.
Academic Article Extracellular matrix remodeling by dynamic strain in a three-dimensional tissue-engineered human airway wall model.
Academic Article Autologous morphogen gradients by subtle interstitial flow and matrix interactions.
Academic Article Effects of extracellular fiber architecture on cell membrane shear stress in a 3D fibrous matrix.
Academic Article Multiscale modeling of lymphatic drainage from tissues using homogenization theory.
Academic Article Mechanobiology in the third dimension.
Academic Article Physiological 3D tissue model of the airway wall and mucosa.
Academic Article Autologous chemotaxis as a mechanism of tumor cell homing to lymphatics via interstitial flow and autocrine CCR7 signaling.
Academic Article An in vitro model of the tumor-lymphatic microenvironment with simultaneous transendothelial and luminal flows reveals mechanisms of flow enhanced invasion.
Academic Article A driving force for change: interstitial flow as a morphoregulator.
Academic Article Cells in 3D matrices under interstitial flow: effects of extracellular matrix alignment on cell shear stress and drag forces.
Academic Article Interstitial flow and its effects in soft tissues.
Academic Article Transport in lymphatic capillaries. I. Macroscopic measurements using residence time distribution theory.
Academic Article An in vitro airway wall model of remodeling.

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