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Concept Nonverbal Communication
Concept Cognitive Science
Concept Statistics, Nonparametric
Academic Article Callous traits in children with and without conduct problems predict reduced connectivity when viewing harm to others.
Academic Article Neural correlates of feeling sympathy.
Academic Article When the self represents the other: a new cognitive neuroscience view on psychological identification.
Academic Article Impulsive-antisocial psychopathic traits linked to increased volume and functional connectivity within prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Individual differences in local gray matter density are associated with differences in affective and cognitive empathy.
Academic Article Interpersonal traits of psychopathy linked to reduced integrity of the uncinate fasciculus.
Academic Article Empathic responsiveness in amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex in youths with psychopathic traits.
Academic Article Affective and interpersonal psychopathic traits associated with reduced corpus callosum volume among male inmates - RETRACTED.
Academic Article Alterations in brain activation during cognitive empathy are related to social functioning in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Empathy and motivation for justice: Cognitive empathy and concern, but not emotional empathy, predict sensitivity to injustice for others.
Academic Article Abnormalities of brain function during a nonverbal theory of mind task in schizophrenia.
Academic Article The neural substrate of human empathy: effects of perspective-taking and cognitive appraisal.
Academic Article What imitation tells us about social cognition: a rapprochement between developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience.
Academic Article The relationship between cavum septum pellucidum and psychopathic traits in female offenders.
Academic Article A PET investigation of the attribution of intentions with a nonverbal task.
Academic Article The detection of contingency and animacy from simple animations in the human brain.
Academic Article Predicting the actions of others taps into one's own somatosensory representations--a functional MRI study.
Academic Article Amygdala subnuclei connectivity in response to violence reveals unique influences of individual differences in psychopathic traits in a nonforensic sample.
Academic Article Shared representations between self and other: a social cognitive neuroscience view.
Academic Article Weaving the fabric of social interaction: articulating developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience in the domain of motor cognition.
Academic Article The development of cognitive empathy and concern in preschool children: A behavioral neuroscience investigation.
Academic Article Affective and Interpersonal Psychopathic Traits Associated with Reduced Corpus Callosum Volume among Male Inmates - Retraction.
Academic Article Resting-state fMRI dynamic functional network connectivity and associations with psychopathy traits.
Academic Article The Difference Spotting Task: A new nonverbal measure of cheating behavior.
Academic Article The social neuroscience of music: Understanding the social brain through human song.
Academic Article Reduced endorsement of specific moral foundations in incarcerated adult women with elevated psychopathic traits.
Academic Article Do psychopathic traits vary with age among women? A cross-sectional investigation.
Academic Article Psychopathic traits modulate functional connectivity during pain perception and perspective-taking in female inmates.
Concept Cognitive Neuroscience
Grant Neurological mechanisms in Emotional Processes of Psychopathy
Grant Socioemotional processing in female offenders - Resubmission 01
Grant Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience of Atypical Empathy in Conduct Disorder
Academic Article Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychopathic Traits in Justice-Involved Adult Women.
Academic Article Automated patterns of head dynamics are associated with psychopathic traits in incarcerated women.
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