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keywords ethics, palliative care, pain management, complementary medicine, critical care medicine
overview Dr. Hoehn is a board certified pediatrician with expertise in ethics, hospice and palliative medicine and critical care medicine. She divides her clinical time between the pediatric intensive care unit and running the pediatric Supportive Care team which includes palliative care, hospice care, pain management and complementary medicine. As part of the complementary medicine program, Comer Children's Hospital has massage services available to patients and their families. When Dr. Hoehn is not caring for children in the hospital, she does research on the impact of stress of families and children whose children are critically ill. Her long term goals are to find novel ways to support families who have critically ill children. Dr. Hoehn also enjoys spending time with her three children and two dogs, and she can sometimes be spotted running by Lake Michigan.
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