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Concept Models, Chemical
Concept Models, Molecular
Concept Models, Genetic
Concept Models, Statistical
Concept Models, Biological
Concept Computational Biology
Academic Article Overview of the Alliance for Cellular Signaling.
Academic Article Electric-field-stimulated protein mechanics.
Academic Article Coevolution-based inference of amino acid interactions underlying protein function.
Academic Article Natural-like function in artificial WW domains.
Academic Article Origins of Allostery and Evolvability in Proteins: A Case Study.
Academic Article Evolutionary information for specifying a protein fold.
Academic Article An evolutionary hotspot defines functional differences between CRYPTOCHROMES.
Academic Article The Context-Dependence of Mutations: A Linkage of Formalisms.
Academic Article Systems-level characterization of the kernel mechanism of the cyanobacterial circadian oscillator.
Academic Article Evolution-Based Functional Decomposition of Proteins.
Academic Article Quantifying the rhythm of KaiB-C interaction for in vitro cyanobacterial circadian clock.
Academic Article Dynamic scaffolding in a G protein-coupled signaling system.
Academic Article Surface sites for engineering allosteric control in proteins.
Academic Article Protein sectors: evolutionary units of three-dimensional structure.
Academic Article Local complexity of amino acid interactions in a protein core.
Academic Article An interdomain sector mediating allostery in Hsp70 molecular chaperones.
Academic Article Cell biology. A matter of life or death.
Academic Article Structural determinants of allosteric ligand activation in RXR heterodimers.
Academic Article Evolutionarily conserved networks of residues mediate allosteric communication in proteins.
Academic Article Signal transduction pathway of TonB-dependent transporters.
Academic Article The spatial architecture of protein function and adaptation.
Academic Article A novel allosteric mechanism in the cysteine peptidase cathepsin K discovered by computational methods.
Academic Article Allosteric determinants in guanine nucleotide-binding proteins.
Academic Article Hot spots for allosteric regulation on protein surfaces.
Academic Article An evolution-based model for designing chorismate mutase enzymes.

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