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overview My lab studies how populations of neurons implement decision making and motor control. We record and manipulate the activity of hundreds or thousands of neurons in mouse cortex, then use sophisticated analyses to understand how these areas compute variables that the animal needs in order to behave. With calcium imaging, we can identify each neuron's cell type, layer, or projection pattern, and use this information to better understand inter-area communication and the organization of computation within cortex. With optogenetics, we can close the causal loop to determine if the activity is necessary or the roles of cell types in computation. Finally, with pharmacological manipulations, we can begin to understand how psychiatric drugs drive their behavioral effects.

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Concept Motor Cortex
Concept Motor Neurons
Concept Evoked Potentials, Motor
Concept Motor Activity
Academic Article Perspectives on classical controversies about the motor cortex.
Academic Article Inferring single-trial neural population dynamics using sequential auto-encoders.
Academic Article A neural network that finds a naturalistic solution for the production of muscle activity.
Academic Article Vacillation, indecision and hesitation in moment-by-moment decoding of monkey motor cortex.
Academic Article Cortical activity in the null space: permitting preparation without movement.
Academic Article DataHigh: graphical user interface for visualizing and interacting with high-dimensional neural activity.
Academic Article A high-performance neural prosthesis enabled by control algorithm design.
Academic Article Roles of monkey premotor neuron classes in movement preparation and execution.
Academic Article Tensor Analysis Reveals Distinct Population Structure that Parallels the Different Computational Roles of Areas M1 and V1.
Academic Article Reorganization between preparatory and movement population responses in motor cortex.
Academic Article The Largest Response Component in the Motor Cortex Reflects Movement Timing but Not Movement Type.
Academic Article Neural population dynamics during reaching.
Academic Article Cortical preparatory activity: representation of movement or first cog in a dynamical machine?
Academic Article The roles of monkey M1 neuron classes in movement preparation and execution.
Academic Article Long-term stability of neural prosthetic control signals from silicon cortical arrays in rhesus macaque motor cortex.
Academic Article A dynamical systems view of motor preparation: implications for neural prosthetic system design.
Academic Article Adapting Fine with a Little Help from the Null Space.
Academic Article Accurate Estimation of Neural Population Dynamics without Spike Sorting.

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