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Concept Radiology, Interventional
Concept Radiology
Concept Radiology Information Systems
Academic Article Computerized radiographic analysis of osteoporosis: preliminary evaluation.
Academic Article Artificial neural networks in mammography: application to decision making in the diagnosis of breast cancer.
Academic Article Malignant and benign clustered microcalcifications: automated feature analysis and classification.
Academic Article Effect of a computer-aided diagnosis scheme on radiologists' performance in detection of lung nodules on radiographs.
Academic Article Digital chest radiography: effect of temporal subtraction images on detection accuracy.
Academic Article Improving breast cancer diagnosis with computer-aided diagnosis.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnosis in radiology: potential and pitfalls.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnosis of pulmonary nodules: results of a large-scale observer test.
Academic Article Computerized analysis of the likelihood of malignancy in solitary pulmonary nodules with use of artificial neural networks.
Academic Article Detection of lung nodules on digital chest radiographs: potential usefulness of a new contralateral subtraction technique.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnosis to distinguish benign from malignant solitary pulmonary nodules on radiographs: ROC analysis of radiologists' performance--initial experience.
Academic Article Lung cancer: performance of automated lung nodule detection applied to cancers missed in a CT screening program.
Academic Article Artificial neural networks (ANNs) for differential diagnosis of interstitial lung disease: results of a simulation test with actual clinical cases.
Academic Article Potential of computer-aided diagnosis to reduce variability in radiologists' interpretations of mammograms depicting microcalcifications.
Academic Article Data compression: effect on diagnostic accuracy in digital chest radiography.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnosis in chest radiology.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnosis in chest radiology.
Academic Article Lung cancers missed on chest radiographs: results obtained with a commercial computer-aided detection program.
Academic Article Computer-aided detection of peripheral lung cancers missed at CT: ROC analyses without and with localization.
Academic Article Digital imaging of the chest.
Academic Article Investigation of psychophysical similarity measures for selection of similar images in the diagnosis of clustered microcalcifications on mammograms.
Academic Article Quantitative evaluation of liver function with use of gadoxetate disodium-enhanced MR imaging.
Academic Article Dynamic and static phantoms for evaluation of digital subtraction angiographic systems.
Academic Article Digital chest radiography: effect on diagnostic accuracy of hard copy, conventional video, and reversed gray scale video display formats.
Academic Article Small lung cancers: improved detection by use of bone suppression imaging--comparison with dual-energy subtraction chest radiography.
Academic Article Digital radiographic imaging system with multiple-slit scanning x-ray beam: preliminary report.
Academic Article Development of a digital duplication system for portable chest radiographs.
Academic Article Potential usefulness of similar images in the differential diagnosis of clustered microcalcifications on mammograms.
Academic Article Potential usefulness of digital imaging in clinical diagnostic radiology: computer-aided diagnosis.
Academic Article Lung cancers missed at low-dose helical CT screening in a general population: comparison of clinical, histopathologic, and imaging findings.
Academic Article Malignant versus benign nodules at CT screening for lung cancer: comparison of thin-section CT findings.
Academic Article Computerized detection of vertebral compression fractures on lateral chest radiographs: preliminary results with a tool for early detection of osteoporosis.
Academic Article Potential usefulness of an artificial neural network for differential diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases: pilot study.
Academic Article Experimental design and data analysis in receiver operating characteristic studies: lessons learned from reports in radiology from 1997 to 2006.
Academic Article Noise reduction by radiographic magnification.
Academic Article [Comparison of LCD and CRT monitors for detection of pulmonary nodules and interstitial lung diseases on digital chest radiographs by using receiver operating characteristic analysis].
Academic Article Potential usefulness of biological fingerprints in chest radiographs for automated patient recognition and identification.
Academic Article [Imaging science and technology in diagnostic radiology: expectations in the second century of Roentgen's discovery of X-rays].
Academic Article Effect of geometric unsharpness upon image quality in fine-detail skeletal radiography.
Academic Article Longitudinal magnification in radiologic images of thick objects: a new concept in magnification radiography.
Academic Article An automated patient recognition method based on an image-matching technique using previous chest radiographs in the picture archiving and communication system environment.
Academic Article Physical characteristics of scattered radiation in diagnostic radiology: Monte Carlo simulation studies.
Academic Article Investigation of misfiled cases in the PACS environment and a solution to prevent filing errors for chest radiographs.
Academic Article Screen/film system speed: its dependence on x-ray energy.
Academic Article Effect of focal spot distribution on blood vessel imaging in magnification radiography.
Academic Article Application of longitudinal magnification effect to magnification stereoscopic angiography: a new method of cerebral angiography.
Academic Article Image quality in mammography.
Academic Article Physical and clinical evaluation of new high-strip-density radiographic grids.
Academic Article Relative efficiencies of energy to photographic density conversions in typical screen-film systems.
Academic Article Evaluation of absorbed dose in mammography: monte carlo simulation studies.
Academic Article Improved detection of lung nodules by using a temporal subtraction technique.
Academic Article Ultra-high-strip-density radiographic grids: a new antiscatter technique for mammography.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnosis in medical imaging: historical review, current status and future potential.
Academic Article Digital radiography of subtle pulmonary abnormalities: an ROC study of the effect of pixel size on observer performance.
Academic Article The validity of Monte Carlo simulation in studies of scattered radiation in diagnostic radiology.
Academic Article Integration of temporal subtraction and nodule detection system for digital chest radiographs into picture archiving and communication system (PACS): four-year experience.
Academic Article Absolute speeds of screen-film systems and their absorbed-energy constants.
Academic Article Computerized image-searching method for finding correct patients for misfiled chest radiographs in a PACS server by use of biological fingerprints.
Academic Article Automated hepatic volumetry for living related liver transplantation at multisection CT.
Academic Article Computer-aided nodule detection on digital chest radiography: validation test on consecutive T1 cases of resectable lung cancer.
Academic Article Evaluation of video-printer images as secondary CT images for clinical use.
Academic Article Kurt Rossmann, Ph.D. (1926-1976): pioneer in image quality evaluation and radiologic imaging research.
Academic Article Performance of antiscatter grids in diagnostic radiology: experimental measurements and Monte Carlo simulation studies.
Academic Article Monte Carlo simulation studies of backscatter factors in mammography.
Academic Article Effect of crossover exposure on radiographic image quality of screen-film systems.
Academic Article Digital image processing: effect on detectability of simulated low-contrast radiographic patterns.
Academic Article Application of radiographic magnification technique with an ultra-high-speed rare-earth screen/film system to oral cholecystography.
Academic Article Development of an image operation system with a motion sensor in dental radiology.
Academic Article Some properties of photon scattering in water phantoms in diagnostic radiology.
Academic Article Evaluation of cassette performance: physical factors affecting patient exposure and image contrast.
Academic Article Comparison of image quality obtained with optical and radiographic magnification techniques in fine-detail skeletal radiography: effect of object thickness.
Academic Article Optical spatial filtering of radiographic images with binary filters.
Academic Article High-speed, single-screen/single-emulsion film systems: basic imaging properties and preliminary clinical applications.
Academic Article The energy-dependent behavior of noise Wiener spectra in their low-frequency limits: comparison with simple theory.
Academic Article Direct radiographic magnification for skeletal radiology. An assessment of image quality and clinical application.
Academic Article [Development of computerized method for automated classification of the body parts in digital radiographs].
Academic Article Determination of X-ray spectra incident on and transmitted through breast tissue.
Academic Article Magnification film mammography: image quality and clinical studies.
Academic Article Evaluation of the image quality of temporal subtraction images produced automatically in a PACS environment.
Academic Article Radiation dose in diagnostic radiology: Monte Carlo simulation studies.
Academic Article Intracranial aneurysms at MR angiography: effect of computer-aided diagnosis on radiologists' detection performance.
Academic Article Development of a rigid fluorescent x-ray source for monoenergetic radiation studies in radiographic imaging.
Academic Article X-ray tube focal spot sizes: comprehensive studies of their measurement and effect of measured size in angiography.
Academic Article Backscatter from metal surfaces in diagnostic radiology.
Academic Article [Symposium III computer-aided diagnosis: benefits and challenges in diagnostic radiology. 1. Current status and future potential of computer aided diagnosis].
Academic Article Detectability of depth information by use of magnification stereoscopic technique in cerebral angiography.
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