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Concept Adolescent
Concept Adolescent Behavior
Concept Child Abuse
Concept Child Health Services
Concept Child
Concept Child Welfare
Concept Child Behavior Disorders
Concept Child Development
Concept Child, Preschool
Concept Parent-Child Relations
Concept Adolescent Health Services
Concept Child Behavior
Concept National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (U.S.)
Academic Article Estimating the cost of developmental and behavioral screening of preschool children in general pediatric practice.
Academic Article The economic impact of childhood food allergy in the United States.
Academic Article Development and testing of an iOS waiting room "app" for contraceptive counseling in a Title X family planning clinic.
Academic Article Biological markers of stress in pregnancy: associations with chronic placental inflammation at delivery.
Academic Article Integrating Adolescents and Young Adults into Adult-Centered Care for IBD.
Academic Article Prenatal Stress and the Cortisol Awakening Response in African-American and Caucasian Women in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy.
Academic Article Mobile contraceptive application use in a clinical setting in addition to standard contraceptive counseling: A randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Effects of welfare and maternal work on recommended preventive care utilization among low-income children.
Academic Article The National Children's Study: Early Recruitment Outcomes Using the Direct Outreach Approach.
Academic Article The effect of the Statewide Sharing variance on geographic disparity in kidney transplantation in the United States.
Academic Article Attitudes towards "disorders of sex development" nomenclature among affected individuals.
Academic Article Patient safety problems in adolescent medical care.
Academic Article Ambulatory care adverse events and preventable adverse events leading to a hospital admission.
Academic Article Food allergy knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of parents with food-allergic children in the United States.
Academic Article Food allergy knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs in the United States.
Academic Article Food allergy knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of primary care physicians.
Academic Article Evaluation of children's health insurance: from New York State's CHild Health Plus to SCHIP.
Academic Article A profile of the population enrolled in New York State's Child Health Plus.
Academic Article Evaluation of New York State's Child Health Plus: access, utilization, quality of health care, and health status.
Academic Article Urinary tract infection after retrograde urethrogram in children: A multicenter study.
Academic Article Verbal Communication During Airway Management and Emergent Endotracheal Intubation: Observations of Team Behavior Among Multi-institutional Pediatric Intensive Care Unit In Situ Simulations.
Academic Article Urinary tract infection after voiding cystourethrogram.
Academic Article Profile of uninsured children in the United States.
Academic Article Patients' preferences for labor analgesic counseling: A qualitative analysis.
Academic Article The prevalence, severity, and distribution of childhood food allergy in the United States.
Academic Article Geographic variability of childhood food allergy in the United States.
Academic Article Anatomy of a patient safety event: a pediatric patient safety taxonomy.
Academic Article Patient-Centered Medical Home Care for Adolescents in Need of Mental Health Treatment.
Academic Article The impact of student-directed videos on community asthma knowledge.
Academic Article Health insurance for low-income working families. Effect on the provision of immunizations to preschool-age children.
Academic Article Improving the measurement of child neglect for survey research: issues and recommendations.
Academic Article Using videovoice methods to enhance community outreach and engagement for the National Children's Study.
Academic Article Future fertility for individuals with differences of sex development: Parent attitudes and perspectives about decision-making.
Academic Article Food allergy knowledge, attitudes and beliefs: focus groups of parents, physicians and the general public.
Academic Article The Munich Gallbladder Lithotripsy Study. Results of the first 5 years with 711 patients.
Academic Article Evolution of a children's health insurance program: lessons from New York State's Child Health Plus.
Academic Article Evaluation of New York State's Child Health Plus: methods.
Academic Article Violence among children and adolescents and the role of the pediatrician.
Academic Article Variations in quality of life among caregivers of food allergic children.
Academic Article Examining Disparities in Route of Surgery and Postoperative Complications in Black Race and Hysterectomy.
Academic Article Adverse events and preventable adverse events in children.
Academic Article Material hardship and the physical health of school-aged children in low-income households.
Academic Article Medication adherence among adolescents in a school-based health center.
Academic Article Evaluating Child Health Plus in upstate New York: how much does providing health insurance to uninsured children increase health care costs?
Academic Article Racial disparities in term induction of labor rates in Illinois.
Academic Article Association between rising professional liability insurance premiums and primary cesarean delivery rates.
Academic Article Evaluation of a state health insurance program for low-income children: implications for state child health insurance programs.
Academic Article Healthcare utilization and hydroxyurea adherence in youth with sickle cell disease.
Academic Article Parent report of physician diagnosis in pediatric food allergy.
Academic Article The impact of health-promoting behaviors on low-income children's health: a risk and resilience perspective.
Academic Article Welfare, maternal work, and on-time childhood vaccination rates.
Academic Article Adherence to the 2011 American Academy of Pediatrics Urinary Tract Infection Guidelines for Voiding Cystourethrogram Ordering by Clinician Specialty.
Academic Article Welfare, Work, and Health Care Access Predictors of Low-Income Children's Physical Health Outcomes.
Academic Article Antibiotic Prescribing by Physicians Versus Nurse Practitioners for Pediatric Upper Respiratory Infections.
Academic Article High-alert medications in the pediatric intensive care unit.
Academic Article Evaluation of New York State's Child Health Plus: children who have asthma.
Academic Article Welfare reform and health insurance: consequences for parents.
Academic Article Understanding the risks of child neglect: an exploration of poverty and parenting characteristics.
Academic Article Parent report of childhood shellfish allergy in the United States.
Academic Article The extent and predictors of waiting time geographic disparity in kidney transplantation in the United States.
Academic Article Impact of Medicaid expansion on access and healthcare among individuals with sickle cell disease.
Academic Article Differential HLA allele frequency in Mycobacterium africanum vs Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Mali.
Academic Article A baseline assessment of enhanced recovery protocol implementation at pediatric surgery practices performing inflammatory bowel disease operations.
Academic Article Assessing effectiveness and implementation of a perioperative enhanced recovery protocol for children undergoing surgery: study protocol for a prospective, stepped-wedge, cluster, randomized, controlled clinical trial.
Academic Article Association of Mycobacterium africanum Infection with Slower Disease Progression Compared with Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Malian Patients with Tuberculosis.
Academic Article External Validation of a Tool to Predict Neurosurgery in Patients with Isolated Subdural Hematoma.
Academic Article Conceptual Frameworks of Postoperative Recovery: A Scoping Review.
Academic Article Longitudinal Sociodemographic Analysis of Operative Circumcisions at Children's Hospitals.
Academic Article Effect of consumer-grade wearable device data on clinician decision making during post-discharge telephone calls after pediatric surgery.
Academic Article Pilot implementation of opioid stewardship measures using the national surgical quality improvement program-pediatric platform.
Academic Article Age- and Sex-Specific Needs for Children Undergoing Inflammatory Bowel Disease Surgery: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Pediatric specific challenges of the single institutional review board mandate.
Academic Article Impact of hydroxyurea dose and adherence on hematologic outcomes for children with sickle cell anemia.
Academic Article Pediatric Patient and Caregiver Agreement on Perioperative Expectations and Self-Reported Outcomes.
Academic Article Prevalence of HIV-1 Natural Polymorphisms and Integrase-Resistance-Associated Mutations in African Children.
Academic Article Hepatitis B Virus in West African Children: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of HIV and Other Factors Associated with Hepatitis B Infection.
Grant Risk Assessment of Pediatric Emergency Transfers
Grant Northwestern University-University of Chicago HSR Postdoctoral Training Program
Academic Article Clinicians' perspectives on wearable sensor technology as an alternative bedside monitoring tool in two West African countries.
Academic Article Association of Multimodal Pain Control with Patient-Reported Outcomes in Children Undergoing Surgery.
Academic Article Differential Insurance Plan Coverage and Surgeon Reimbursement of Pediatric Circumcision at an Urban, Midwestern Hospital.
Academic Article Physician Perspectives on Performing Newborn Circumcisions: Barriers and Opportunities.
Academic Article Growth in Newborn Circumcisions Performed by Pediatric Urologists and Advanced Practice Providers Between 2010 and 2021 in the United States.
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