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Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Concept Insulin
Concept Insulin-Like Growth Factor I
Concept Mutation
Concept Receptor, Insulin
Concept Insulin Resistance
Concept Insulin-Secreting Cells
Concept Diabetes Complications
Concept Insulin Receptor Substrate Proteins
Concept Diabetes Mellitus
Academic Article Insulin regulates carboxypeptidase E by modulating translation initiation scaffolding protein eIF4G1 in pancreatic ß cells.
Academic Article An Acetate-Specific GPCR, FFAR2, Regulates Insulin Secretion.
Academic Article Interactions of a hybrid insulin/insulin-like growth factor-I analog with chimeric insulin/type I insulin-like growth factor receptors.
Academic Article Analysis of serum Hsp90 as a potential biomarker of ß cell autoimmunity in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Distinct gene expression pathways in islets from individuals with short- and long-duration type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Islet beta-cell-specific MafA transcription requires the 5'-flanking conserved region 3 control domain.
Academic Article Inhibition of deoxyhypusine synthase enhances islet {beta} cell function and survival in the setting of endoplasmic reticulum stress and type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Syntaxin 4 up-regulation increases efficiency of insulin release in pancreatic islets from humans with and without type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Glucose regulation of insulin gene transcription and pre-mRNA processing in human islets.
Academic Article An In Vivo Zebrafish Model for Interrogating ROS-Mediated Pancreatic ß-Cell Injury, Response, and Prevention.
Academic Article Differential expression of cell cycle proteins during ageing of pancreatic islet cells.
Academic Article IFN-a induces a preferential long-lasting expression of MHC class I in human pancreatic beta cells.
Academic Article Comparative analysis of diagnostic platforms for measurement of differentially methylated insulin DNA.
Academic Article Noninvasive assessment of pancreatic beta-cell function in vivo with manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Liver X receptor agonists augment human islet function through activation of anaplerotic pathways and glycerolipid/free fatty acid cycling.
Academic Article Methyltransferase Set7/9 maintains transcription and euchromatin structure at islet-enriched genes.
Academic Article Abnormalities in proinsulin processing in islets from individuals with longstanding T1D.
Academic Article Achieving "PeaK-A" insulin secretion.
Academic Article Disposition of the phenylalanine B25 side chain during insulin-receptor and insulin-insulin interactions.
Academic Article Polyamine biosynthesis is critical for growth and differentiation of the pancreas.
Academic Article A Versatile, Portable Intravital Microscopy Platform for Studying Beta-cell Biology In Vivo.
Academic Article An insulin-like growth factor I/insulin hybrid exhibiting high potency for interaction with the type I insulin-like growth factor and insulin receptors of placental plasma membranes.
Academic Article Divergent compensatory responses to high-fat diet between C57BL6/J and C57BLKS/J inbred mouse strains.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering: contribution of stem cells in organ transplantation.
Academic Article IRS1 deficiency protects ß-cells against ER stress-induced apoptosis by modulating sXBP-1 stability and protein translation.
Academic Article Elevations in the Fasting Serum Proinsulin-to-C-Peptide Ratio Precede the Onset of Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Interleukin-6 Reduces ß-Cell Oxidative Stress by Linking Autophagy With the Antioxidant Response.
Academic Article Response to Comment on Sims et al. Proinsulin Secretion Is a Persistent Feature of Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes Care 2019;42:258-264.
Academic Article eIF5A inhibition influences T cell dynamics in the pancreatic microenvironment of the humanized mouse model of Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 enhances glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in mouse and human islets: a role for transcriptional regulation of voltage-gated calcium channels by the vitamin D receptor.
Academic Article Detection of islet ß-cell death in vivo by multiplex PCR analysis of differentially methylated DNA.
Academic Article In situ type I oligomeric collagen macroencapsulation promotes islet longevity and function in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Pdx1 (MODY4) regulates pancreatic beta cell susceptibility to ER stress.
Academic Article AGI-1067, a novel antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, enhances insulin release and protects mouse islets.
Academic Article Mouse and human islets survive and function after coating by biosilicification.
Academic Article Lost in translation: endoplasmic reticulum stress and the decline of ß-cell health in diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Cyclical and alternating infusions of glucose and intralipid in rats inhibit insulin gene expression and Pdx-1 binding in islets.
Academic Article Recessive Rare Variants in Deoxyhypusine Synthase, an Enzyme Involved in the Synthesis of Hypusine, Are Associated with a Neurodevelopmental Disorder.
Academic Article Mitogen-inducible gene 6 triggers apoptosis and exacerbates ER stress-induced ß-cell death.
Academic Article Amelioration of type 1 diabetes following treatment of non-obese diabetic mice with INGAP and lisofylline.
Academic Article Saturated free fatty acids: islet ß cell "stressERs".
Academic Article Platelet-type 12-lipoxygenase deletion provokes a compensatory 12/15-lipoxygenase increase that exacerbates oxidative stress in mouse islet ß cells.
Academic Article Mechanism of insulin gene regulation by the pancreatic transcription factor Pdx-1: application of pre-mRNA analysis and chromatin immunoprecipitation to assess formation of functional transcriptional complexes.
Academic Article Hypusine: a new target for therapeutic intervention in diabetic inflammation.
Academic Article SET7/9 Enzyme Regulates Cytokine-induced Expression of Inducible Nitric-oxide Synthase through Methylation of Lysine 4 at Histone 3 in the Islet ß Cell.
Academic Article The C-terminal domain of the beta cell homeodomain factor Nkx6.1 enhances sequence-selective DNA binding at the insulin promoter.
Academic Article A system for detecting high impact-low frequency mutations in primary tumors and metastases.
Academic Article Development of insulin-producing cells from primitive biologic precursors.
Academic Article Deletion of 12/15-lipoxygenase alters macrophage and islet function in NOD-Alox15(null) mice, leading to protection against type 1 diabetes development.
Academic Article Covalent histone modifications underlie the developmental regulation of insulin gene transcription in pancreatic beta cells.
Academic Article Immune reconstitution in ART treated, but not untreated HIV infection, is associated with abnormal beta cell function.
Academic Article The homeodomain of PDX-1 mediates multiple protein-protein interactions in the formation of a transcriptional activation complex on the insulin promoter.
Academic Article Trefoil factor 3 stimulates human and rodent pancreatic islet beta-cell replication with retention of function.
Academic Article 12-lipoxygenase promotes obesity-induced oxidative stress in pancreatic islets.
Academic Article Role of the phenylalanine B24 side chain in directing insulin interaction with its receptor. Importance of main chain conformation.
Academic Article Translational control of inducible nitric oxide synthase by p38 MAPK in islet ß-cells.
Academic Article Inhibition of 12/15-Lipoxygenase Protects Against ß-Cell Oxidative Stress and Glycemic Deterioration in Mouse Models of Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Elevated unmethylated and methylated insulin DNA are unique markers of A+ß+ ketosis prone diabetes.
Academic Article The role of proteomics in assessing beta-cell dysfunction and death in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Targeting regulatory T cells in the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Loss of Free Fatty Acid Receptor 2 leads to impaired islet mass and beta cell survival.
Academic Article Progress and change.
Academic Article Deoxyhypusine synthase promotes differentiation and proliferation of T helper type 1 (Th1) cells in autoimmune diabetes.
Academic Article Biomarkers of ß-Cell Stress and Death in Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Effects of combination therapy with dipeptidyl peptidase-IV and histone deacetylase inhibitors in the non-obese diabetic mouse model of type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Oscillatory glucose flux in INS 1 pancreatic ß cells: a self-referencing microbiosensor study.
Academic Article 12-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor Improves Functions of Cytokine-Treated Human Islets and Type 2 Diabetic Islets.
Academic Article Regulation of the pancreatic pro-endocrine gene neurogenin3.
Academic Article Combined Analysis of GAD65, miR-375, and Unmethylated Insulin DNA Following Islet Transplantation in Patients With T1D.
Academic Article Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor-? Activation Augments the ß-Cell Unfolded Protein Response and Rescues Early Glycemic Deterioration and ß Cell Death in Non-obese Diabetic Mice.
Academic Article Transcriptional activity of the islet ß cell factor Pdx1 is augmented by lysine methylation catalyzed by the methyltransferase Set7/9.
Academic Article Restructuring of the Gut Microbiome by Intermittent Fasting Prevents Retinopathy and Prolongs Survival in db/db Mice.
Academic Article Importance of the character and configuration of residues B24, B25, and B26 in insulin-receptor interactions.
Academic Article Protective effects of polyamine depletion in mouse models of type 1 diabetes: implications for therapy.
Academic Article Comparative quantitative proteomic analysis of disease stratified laser captured microdissected human islets identifies proteins and pathways potentially related to type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Molecular mechanisms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: Potential role for 12-lipoxygenase.
Academic Article An islet in distress: ß cell failure in type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article From immunobiology to ß-cell biology: the changing perspective on type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma activation restores islet function in diabetic mice through reduction of endoplasmic reticulum stress and maintenance of euchromatin structure.
Academic Article Pdx1 and BETA2/NeuroD1 participate in a transcriptional complex that mediates short-range DNA looping at the insulin gene.
Academic Article Role of the 12-lipoxygenase pathway in diabetes pathogenesis and complications.
Academic Article Persistent elevations in circulating INS DNA among subjects with longstanding type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article ?40 Isoform of p53 controls ß-cell proliferation and glucose homeostasis in mice.
Academic Article Maintenance of Pdx1 mRNA translation in islet ß-cells during the unfolded protein response.
Academic Article Elevations in Circulating Methylated and Unmethylated Preproinsulin DNA in New-Onset Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article The roles of ATF3, an adaptive-response gene, in high-fat-diet-induced diabetes and pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction.
Academic Article An intracellular role for ABCG1-mediated cholesterol transport in the regulated secretory pathway of mouse pancreatic beta cells.
Academic Article Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A inhibition alters physiopathology and immune responses in a "humanized" transgenic mouse model of type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Stimulation of human and rat islet beta-cell proliferation with retention of function by the homeodomain transcription factor Nkx6.1.
Academic Article Palmitate induces mRNA translation and increases ER protein load in islet ß-cells via activation of the mammalian target of rapamycin pathway.
Academic Article Proinsulin and heat shock protein 90 as biomarkers of beta-cell stress in the early period after onset of type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Role of chromatin accessibility in the occupancy and transcription of the insulin gene by the pancreatic and duodenal homeobox factor 1.
Academic Article Leukotriene B4-mediated sterile inflammation promotes susceptibility to sepsis in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Beta-cell differentiation factor Nkx6.1 contains distinct DNA binding interference and transcriptional repression domains.
Academic Article Chronic high fat feeding restricts islet mRNA translation initiation independently of ER stress via DNA damage and p53 activation.
Academic Article Pdx-1 links histone H3-Lys-4 methylation to RNA polymerase II elongation during activation of insulin transcription.
Academic Article Islet ß-cell endoplasmic reticulum stress precedes the onset of type 1 diabetes in the nonobese diabetic mouse model.
Academic Article Minireview: 12-Lipoxygenase and Islet ß-Cell Dysfunction in Diabetes.
Academic Article Sirtuin 6 regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in mouse pancreatic beta cells.
Academic Article Proinsulin Secretion Is a Persistent Feature of Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article The Nkx6.1 homeodomain transcription factor suppresses glucagon expression and regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in islet beta cells.
Academic Article Loss of mTORC1 signalling impairs ß-cell homeostasis and insulin processing.
Academic Article Biomarkers of islet beta cell stress and death in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Deoxyhypusine synthase haploinsufficiency attenuates acute cytokine signaling.
Academic Article Hypusine biosynthesis in ß cells links polyamine metabolism to facultative cellular proliferation to maintain glucose homeostasis.
Academic Article Profiling of RNAs from Human Islet-Derived Exosomes in a Model of Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Circulating Unmethylated Insulin DNA As a Biomarker of Human Beta Cell Death: A Multi-laboratory Assay Comparison.
Academic Article Comprehensive Proteomics Analysis of Stressed Human Islets Identifies GDF15 as a Target for Type 1 Diabetes Intervention.
Academic Article Hypusinated eIF5A is expressed in the pancreas and spleen of individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Our Response to COVID-19 as Endocrinologists and Diabetologists.
Academic Article Nanomedicine-Based Strategies for Diabetes: Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Treatment.
Academic Article Preclinical evaluation of tyrosine kinase 2 inhibitors for human beta-cell protection in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Oligomeric collagen as an encapsulation material for islet/ß-cell replacement: effect of islet source, dose, implant site, and administration format.
Academic Article The role of beta-cell dysfunction in early type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Circulating unmethylated CHTOP and INS DNA fragments provide evidence of possible islet cell death in youth with obesity and diabetes.
Academic Article Probing islet stress in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article The demise of islet allotransplantation in the United States: A call for an urgent regulatory update.
Academic Article Phenotypic sexual dimorphism in response to dietary fat manipulation in C57BL/6J mice.
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