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Concept Neural Inhibition
Concept Neural Pathways
Academic Article Regulation of somatic firing dynamics by backpropagating dendritic spikes.
Academic Article The mechanics of state-dependent neural correlations.
Academic Article Training and Spontaneous Reinforcement of Neuronal Assemblies by Spike Timing Plasticity.
Academic Article Balanced synaptic input shapes the correlation between neural spike trains.
Academic Article Gamma oscillations of spiking neural populations enhance signal discrimination.
Academic Article Subtractive and divisive inhibition: effect of voltage-dependent inhibitory conductances and noise.
Academic Article Theory of oscillatory firing induced by spatially correlated noise and delayed inhibitory feedback.
Academic Article Balanced neural architecture and the idling brain.
Academic Article Timescale-dependent shaping of correlation by olfactory bulb lateral inhibition.
Academic Article Deterministic multiplicative gain control with active dendrites.
Academic Article Correlated neural variability in persistent state networks.
Academic Article Bridging large-scale neuronal recordings and large-scale network models using dimensionality reduction.
Academic Article Type I burst excitability.
Academic Article Stimulus-dependent correlations and population codes.
Academic Article Axonal and synaptic failure suppress the transfer of firing rate oscillations, synchrony and information during high frequency deep brain stimulation.
Academic Article Coding of temporally varying signals in networks of spiking neurons with global delayed feedback.
Academic Article Optimizing working memory with heterogeneity of recurrent cortical excitation.
Academic Article Scaling Properties of Dimensionality Reduction for Neural Populations and Network Models.
Academic Article Inhibitory stabilization and visual coding in cortical circuits with multiple interneuron subtypes.
Academic Article Circuit Models of Low-Dimensional Shared Variability in Cortical Networks.
Academic Article Correlation between neural spike trains increases with firing rate.
Academic Article Neural correlation is stimulus modulated by feedforward inhibitory circuitry.
Academic Article Large-scale neural recordings call for new insights to link brain and behavior.

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