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Academic Article A multi-cancer mesenchymal transition gene expression signature is associated with prolonged time to recurrence in glioblastoma.
Academic Article Pathological angiogenesis in a murine model of human Wilms' tumor.
Academic Article A metastasizing model of anaplastic human Wilms tumor in the nude mouse.
Academic Article Clinical spectrum of capillary malformation-arteriovenous malformation syndrome presenting to a pediatric dermatology practice: a retrospective study.
Academic Article Topotecan is anti-angiogenic in experimental hepatoblastoma.
Academic Article Human cancer cells express Slug-based epithelial-mesenchymal transition gene expression signature obtained in vivo.
Academic Article Metastasis correlates with production of vascular endothelial growth factor in a murine model of human Wilms' tumor.
Academic Article Angiopoietin-1/Tie-2 activation contributes to vascular survival and tumor growth during VEGF blockade.
Academic Article Vascular remodeling and clinical resistance to antiangiogenic cancer therapy.
Academic Article Monitoring early tumor response to drug therapy with diffuse optical tomography.
Academic Article Notch: a key regulator of tumor angiogenesis and metastasis.
Academic Article Notch suppresses angiogenesis and progression of hepatic metastases.
Academic Article Suppression of primary tumor growth in a mouse model of human neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Anti-VEGF antibody in experimental hepatoblastoma: suppression of tumor growth and altered angiogenesis.
Academic Article Anti-VEGF antibody suppresses primary tumor growth and metastasis in an experimental model of Wilms' tumor.
Academic Article VEGF blocking therapy in the treatment of cancer.
Academic Article Regression of established tumors and metastases by potent vascular endothelial growth factor blockade.
Academic Article Pediatric surgical transitional care. Preface.
Academic Article Quality and extent of locum tenens coverage in pediatric surgical practices.
Academic Article Blockade of her2/neu decreases VEGF expression but does not alter HIF-1 distribution in experimental Wilms tumor.
Academic Article Genomic profiling maps loss of heterozygosity and defines the timing and stage dependence of epigenetic and genetic events in Wilms' tumors.
Academic Article Phase I trial and pharmacokinetic study of bevacizumab in pediatric patients with refractory solid tumors: a Children's Oncology Group Study.
Academic Article Highly specific antiangiogenic therapy is effective in suppressing growth of experimental Wilms tumors.
Academic Article Congenital cutaneous hemangioma causing cardiac failure: a case report and review of the literature.
Academic Article Ovarian repositioning in pediatric cancer patients: Flexible techniques accommodate pelvic radiation fields.
Academic Article All angiogenesis is not the same: Distinct patterns of response to antiangiogenic therapy in experimental neuroblastoma and Wilms tumor.
Academic Article Inter-rater reliability of surgical reviews for AREN03B2: a COG renal tumor committee study.
Academic Article Human epidermal growth factor receptor signaling contributes to tumor growth via angiogenesis in her2/neu-expressing experimental Wilms' tumor.
Academic Article Ultrasonography/MRI versus CT for diagnosing appendicitis.
Academic Article Antiangiogenic therapy for the treatment of pediatric solid malignancies.
Academic Article Serendipity: translational research, high quality care, and the children's hospital. Jay and Margie Grosfeld Lecture.
Academic Article Sustained VEGF blockade results in microenvironmental sequestration of VEGF by tumors and persistent VEGF receptor-2 activation.
Academic Article Vascular characterization of clear cell sarcoma of the kidney in a child: a case report and review.
Academic Article A notch1 ectodomain construct inhibits endothelial notch signaling, tumor growth, and angiogenesis.
Academic Article Inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 disrupts tumor vascular mural cell recruitment and survival signaling.
Academic Article Effective therapy of a vascular tumor of infancy with vincristine.
Academic Article Vascular remodeling marks tumors that recur during chronic suppression of angiogenesis.
Academic Article TNP-470 promotes initial vascular sprouting in xenograft tumors.
Academic Article p53 accumulation in favorable-histology Wilms tumor is associated with angiogenesis and clinically aggressive disease.
Academic Article Evaluating tumor angiogenesis.
Academic Article Polyplex-microbubble hybrids for ultrasound-guided plasmid DNA delivery to solid tumors.
Academic Article Primary nephrectomy and intraoperative tumor spill: report from the Children's Oncology Group (COG) renal tumors committee.
Academic Article Distinct response of experimental neuroblastoma to combination antiangiogenic strategies.
Academic Article Combination antiangiogenic therapy: increased efficacy in a murine model of Wilms tumor.
Academic Article Multiple cutaneous infantile hemangiomas associated with hepatic angiosarcoma: case report and review of the literature.
Academic Article Resistance of a VEGF-producing tumor to anti-VEGF antibody: unimpeded growth of human rhabdoid tumor xenografts.
Academic Article Effects of potent VEGF blockade on experimental Wilms tumor and its persisting vasculature.
Academic Article Biomolecular markers and involution of hemangiomas.
Academic Article Pediatric lymphatic malformations: evolving understanding and therapeutic options.
Academic Article Initial Experience With Propranolol Treatment of Lymphatic Anomalies: A Case Series.
Academic Article Surgical protocol violations in children with renal tumors provides an opportunity to improve pediatric cancer care: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.
Academic Article Evaluation of a water-soluble contrast protocol for nonoperative management of pediatric adhesive small bowel obstruction.
Academic Article Editorial: Changing paradigms in pediatric surgery.
Award or Honor Receipt Schullinger Lectureship in Pediatric Cancer
Award or Honor Receipt Institute for Cancer Genetics, Associate Professorship
Grant Studies in pediatric tumor angiogenesis
Academic Article Pediatric Modification of the Medically Necessary, Time-Sensitive Scoring System for Operating Room Procedure Prioritization During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Pediatric Medically Necessary, Time-Sensitive Scoring Tool Facilitates Dynamic and Flexible Decision-Making and Triage for Procedures: In Reply to González Villarreal and Colleagues.
Academic Article Mentorship: Finding a Way Forward in Pediatric Surgery.
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