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overview Dr. Golden is a clinical radiation oncologist with. His primary academic interest is medical education.

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Concept Education, Medical, Undergraduate
Concept Education, Medical
Concept Education, Medical, Graduate
Academic Article In response to "surviving surveys".
Academic Article Results of the 2013 Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology career planning survey of practicing physicians in the United States.
Academic Article Multi-Institutional Implementation and Evaluation of a Curriculum for the Medical Student Clerkship in Radiation Oncology.
Academic Article Medical Student Knowledge of Oncology and Related Disciplines: a Targeted Needs Assessment.
Academic Article Interdisciplinary Oncology Education: a National Survey of Trainees and Program Directors in the United States.
Academic Article Objective Evaluation of a Didactic Curriculum for the Radiation Oncology Medical Student Clerkship.
Academic Article Student Perspectives on Oncology Curricula at United States Medical Schools.
Academic Article Simulation as More Than a Treatment-Planning Tool: A Systematic Review of the Literature on Radiation Oncology Simulation-Based Medical Education.
Academic Article Implementation of a Novel Medical School Multidisciplinary and Interprofessional Oncology Curriculum: a Mixed Method Study.
Academic Article Structured Radiation Oncology Clerkship Curricula: Evaluating the Effect on Residency Applicant Knowledge of Radiation Oncology.
Academic Article Introductory Radiation Oncology Curriculum: Report of a National Needs Assessment and Multi-institutional Pilot Implementation.
Academic Article Interprofessional Education in Radiation Oncology.

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