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Concept General Surgery
Academic Article Outcomes in pediatric patients undergoing straight vs J pouch ileoanal anastomosis: a multicenter analysis.
Academic Article Incidence and clinical features of patent ductus arteriosus in low-birthweight infants: a prospective analysis of 150 consecutively born infants.
Academic Article Specialty networking in pediatric surgery: a paradigm for the future of academic surgery.
Academic Article The importance of different calorie sources in the intravenous nutrition of infants and children.
Academic Article Abdominal aortic coarctation and segmental hypoplasia.
Academic Article Guideline for the management of pediatric idiopathic constipation and soiling. Multidisciplinary team from the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor.
Academic Article An analysis of the morbidity and mortality of short-bowel syndrome in the pediatric age group.
Academic Article FOPE II report summary and pediatric subspecialists.
Academic Article Special problems in management of pediatric trauma.
Academic Article Splenic trauma in the pediatric patient: the integrated roles of ultrasound and computed tomography.
Academic Article Crohn's disease in children and adolescents: is inadequate weight gain a valid indication for surgery?
Academic Article Peripheral intravenous nutrition without fat in neonatal surgery.
Academic Article Hepatic artery aneurysm associated with the mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome.
Academic Article Definitive treatment of Hirschsprung's disease in the newborn with a one-stage procedure.
Academic Article Pediatric vascular trauma. Manifestations, management, and sequelae of extremity arterial injury in patients undergoing surgical treatment.
Academic Article The practice of pediatric surgery in a medical school environment: is there a conflict between private practice and academic pursuits?
Academic Article Presidential address. Da Vinci and the Penrose drain.
Academic Article Fiberoptic transillumination: a new tool for the pediatric surgeon.
Academic Article Intravenous nutrition for the pediatric patient.
Academic Article Atresia of the colon.
Academic Article Etiology and management of respiratory complications after repair of esophageal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula.
Academic Article Studies on the toxicity and efficacy of a new amino acid solution in pediatric parenteral nutrition.
Academic Article Red blood cell mobility and whole blood viscosity changes following the administration of intravenous fat.
Academic Article The metabolism of fat and carbohydrate during hemorrhagic shock in the unanesthetized subhuman primate: changes in serum levels of free fatty acids, total lipids, insulin, and glucose.
Academic Article A prospective, randomized comparison of skin adhesive and subcuticular suture for closure of pediatric hernia incisions: cost and cosmetic considerations.
Academic Article Inguinal hernia in the Hurler-Hunter syndrome.
Academic Article Septum reformation: a complication of the Duhamel procedure.
Academic Article The 100 most-cited articles in Pediatric Surgery International.
Academic Article The effect of crystalloid resuscitation in hemorrhagic shock on acid-base balance: a comparison between normal saline and Ringer's lactate solutions.
Academic Article The market for pediatric surgeons: an updated survey of recent graduates.
Academic Article Neonatal peritonitis.
Academic Article Renovascular hypertension in childhood.
Academic Article The metabolism of intravenously administered fat in adult and newborn dogs.
Academic Article Metabolic results of parenteral feeding in neonatal surgery: a balanced parenteral feeding program based on a synthetic 1-amino acid solution and a commercial fat emulsion.
Academic Article Redo esophageal surgery: the diagnosis and management of recurrent tracheoesophageal fistula.
Academic Article Update: pediatric trauma.
Academic Article Increased respiratory symptoms following surgery in children exposed to environmental tobacco smoke.
Academic Article Reoperative surgery for Hirschsprung's disease.
Academic Article Effect of very delayed repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernia on survival and extracorporeal life support use.
Academic Article Perioperative care of the pediatric patient.
Academic Article Comparison of a new 10% and 20% safflower oil fat emulsion in pediatric parenteral nutrition.
Academic Article Hernia survey of the Section on Surgery of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Academic Article Studies on the efficacy of a new 20% fat emulsion in pediatric parenteral nutrition.
Academic Article Reoperative surgery for Hirschsprung disease.
Academic Article Pediatric TPN: efficacy and toxicity of a new fat emulsion.
Academic Article Does Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage require eradication prior to elective ambulatory surgery in children?
Academic Article Body fluid compartment changes following neonatal surgery.
Academic Article A comparison between operative and nonoperative management of blunt injuries to the liver and spleen in adult and pediatric patients.
Academic Article Immediate traumatic pulmonary pseudocyst formation in children.
Academic Article Surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux in children: a combined hospital study of 7467 patients.
Academic Article A new operative technique for restorative proctocolectomy: the endorectal pull-through combined with a double-stapled ileo-anal anastomosis.
Academic Article The impact of pediatric surgery training on the attitudes and practice patterns of general surgeons.
Academic Article Perioperative nutritional support in pediatrics.
Academic Article Studies on the toxicity and efficacy of a new amino acid solution in pediatric parenteral nutrition.
Academic Article The postoperative occurrence of cardio-respiratory adverse events in small infants undergoing gastrointestinal surgery: a prospective comparison of general anesthesia and combined spinal-epidural anesthesia.
Academic Article Late results of fundoplication for gastroesophageal reflux in infants and children.
Academic Article Delayed versus immediate surgery in acute appendicitis: do we need to operate during the night?
Academic Article Postoperative bleeding in cardiovascular surgery. Does heparin rebound really exist?
Academic Article Obstructive jaundice secondary to chronic pancreatitis in children: report of two cases and review of the literature.
Academic Article Surgery for ulcerative colitis in children.
Academic Article The role of surgery in American Burkitt's lymphoma in children.
Academic Article Noncirrhotic portal hypertension: differing patterns of disease in children and adults.
Academic Article The future of pediatric education (FOPE) II report summary and pediatric subspecialists.
Academic Article A comparison of methods to calculate the heparin reversal dose of protamine in cardiovascular surgery.
Academic Article Abdominal aneurysms in childhood: report of a case and review of the literature.
Academic Article Follow-up imaging of benign pediatric liver tumors.
Academic Article In memory of Daniel H. Teitelbaum.
Academic Article In Memory of Jay L. Grosfeld, M.D.

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