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Concept Graft Survival
Concept Heart-Assist Devices
Concept Graft Rejection
Concept Heart
Concept Heart Failure
Concept Lung Transplantation
Concept Heart Transplantation
Concept Delayed Graft Function
Academic Article Kidney Donor Profile Index Does Not Accurately Predict the Graft Survival of Pediatric Deceased Donor Kidneys.
Academic Article Potential impact of a shock requirement on adult heart allocation.
Academic Article Geographic Variation in the Treatment of U.S. Adult Heart Transplant Candidates.
Academic Article Trends in the Use of Inotropes to List Adult Heart Transplant Candidates at Status 1A.
Academic Article Reply: Does Overtreatment of Heart Transplantation Candidates Exist?
Academic Article It is time to revise the kidney allocation system to restore the pediatric advantage.
Academic Article Impact of the kidney allocation system on young pediatric recipients.
Academic Article Association of Transplant Center With Survival Benefit Among Adults Undergoing Heart Transplant in the United States.
Academic Article Practice Changes at U.S. Transplant Centers After the New Adult Heart Allocation Policy.
Academic Article Is it too early to investigate survival outcomes of the new US heart allocation system?
Academic Article Between-center variation in high-priority listing status under the new heart allocation policy.
Grant Mending a Broken Heart Allocation System with Machine Learning
Academic Article Assessing the accuracy of the lung allocation score.
Academic Article An updated estimate of posttransplant survival after implementation of the new donor heart allocation policy.
Academic Article Is it too soon to abandon all hope of useful post-transplant predictions in thoracic transplantation? Reply to: Expecting the unexpected, and prioritizing the predictable.
Academic Article A bridge to nowhere: The durable left ventricular assist device dilemma in the new heart allocation system.
Academic Article Inaccurate Predictions in Lung Transplantation and Implications for Allocation Policy.
Concept Transplant Recipients
Academic Article Association of high-priority exceptions with waitlist mortality among heart transplant candidates.
Academic Article How to Make the Transplantation Allocation System Better.
Academic Article The Accuracy of Initial U.S. Heart Transplant Candidate Rankings.
Academic Article Status One and Status Two Exception Use in the Updated Heart Allocation System.
Academic Article Best practices for statistical analysis of pretransplant medical urgency.
Academic Article Risk Factors for Hospital Readmission in Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease.
Academic Article Development and Validation of a Risk Score Predicting Death Without Transplant in Adult Heart Transplant Candidates.
Academic Article Post-transplant survival after normothermic regional perfusion versus direct procurement and perfusion in donation after circulatory determination of death in heart transplantation.
Academic Article Knowledge gaps in heart and lung donation after the circulatory determination of death: Report of a workshop of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.
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