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Academic Article Enhanced reinstatement of naturalistic event memories due to hippocampal-network-targeted stimulation.
Academic Article Subtle hippocampal deformities in breast cancer survivors with reduced episodic memory and self-reported cognitive concerns.
Academic Article Medial temporal contributions to successful face-name learning.
Academic Article Brain stimulation and brain lesions converge on common causal circuits in neuropsychiatric disease.
Academic Article Structural and Functional MRI Evidence for Distinct Medial Temporal and Prefrontal Roles in Context-dependent Relational Memory.
Academic Article The hippocampus uses information just encountered to guide efficient ongoing behavior.
Academic Article Remembering and knowing: electrophysiological distinctions at encoding but not retrieval.
Academic Article The potato chip really does look like Elvis! Neural hallmarks of conceptual processing associated with finding novel shapes subjectively meaningful.
Academic Article A Human Depression Circuit Derived From Focal Brain Lesions.
Academic Article Conceptual priming and familiarity: different expressions of memory during recognition testing with distinct neurophysiological correlates.
Academic Article Neural correlates of conceptual implicit memory and their contamination of putative neural correlates of explicit memory.
Academic Article Strengthening individual memories by reactivating them during sleep.
Academic Article Brain networks for exploration decisions utilizing distinct modeled information types during contextual learning.
Academic Article Exposure therapy triggers lasting reorganization of neural fear processing.
Academic Article Experience-dependent neural integration of taste and smell in the human brain.
Academic Article Brain substrates of implicit and explicit memory: the importance of concurrently acquired neural signals of both memory types.
Academic Article Human hippocampal connectivity is stronger in olfaction than other sensory systems.
Academic Article Hemisphere-specific effects of prefrontal theta-burst stimulation on visual recognition memory accuracy and awareness.
Academic Article Binding among select episodic elements is altered via active short-term retrieval.
Academic Article Episodic memory improvements due to noninvasive stimulation targeting the cortical-hippocampal network: A replication and extension experiment.
Academic Article Cortical regions recruited for complex active-learning strategies and action planning exhibit rapid reactivation during memory retrieval.
Academic Article Familiarity or conceptual priming? Good question! Comment on Stenberg, Hellman, Johansson, and Rosén (2009).
Academic Article Finding meaning in novel geometric shapes influences electrophysiological correlates of repetition and dissociates perceptual and conceptual priming.
Academic Article Validating neural correlates of familiarity.
Academic Article Assuming too much from 'familiar' brain potentials.
Academic Article Implicit recognition based on lateralized perceptual fluency.
Academic Article Testing network properties of episodic memory using non-invasive brain stimulation.
Academic Article Real-time neural signals of perceptual priming with unfamiliar geometric shapes.
Academic Article Electrophysiological correlates of forming memories for faces, names, and face-name associations.
Academic Article Hippocampal contribution to implicit configuration memory expressed via eye movements during scene exploration.
Academic Article Active retrieval facilitates across-episode binding by modulating the content of memory.
Academic Article Event-related brain potentials that distinguish false memory for events that occurred only seconds in the past.
Academic Article Targeted enhancement of cortical-hippocampal brain networks and associative memory.
Academic Article Increased fMRI activity correlations in autobiographical memory versus resting states.
Academic Article Selective and coherent activity increases due to stimulation indicate functional distinctions between episodic memory networks.
Academic Article Frequency-specific noninvasive modulation of memory retrieval and its relationship with hippocampal network connectivity.
Academic Article Bridging divergent neural models of recognition memory: introduction to the special issue and commentary on key issues.
Academic Article Large-scale network interactions supporting item-context memory formation.
Academic Article Spontaneous revisitation during visual exploration as a link among strategic behavior, learning, and the hippocampus.
Academic Article Hippocampal brain-network coordination during volitional exploratory behavior enhances learning.
Academic Article Stimulation of the Posterior Cortical-Hippocampal Network Enhances Precision of Memory Recollection.
Academic Article Hippocampal-cortical contributions to strategic exploration during perceptual discrimination.
Academic Article Distinct Hippocampal versus Frontoparietal Network Contributions to Retrieval and Memory-guided Exploration.
Academic Article Neural similarity between overlapping events at learning differentially affects reinstatement across the cortex.
Academic Article Innovative approaches in cognitive aging.
Academic Article Chronic, Reusable, Multiday Neuropixels Recordings during Free-Moving Operant Behavior.
Grant Noninvasive modulation of prefrontal contributions to the organization of episodic memories
Grant Noninvasive Manipulation of Hippocampal-Cortical Brain Networks and Memory
Grant Neural systems for the dynamic use of memory
Grant Noninvasive Stimulation to Improve Hippocampal-Dependent Memory in Older Adults
Grant Cellular mechanisms of hippocampal network neuroplasticity generated by brain stimulation
Grant Neural systems for the dynamic use of memory
Grant Optimized dosing of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for enhancement of hippocampal-cortical networks
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