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Concept Association Learning
Concept Memory, Short-Term
Concept Memory
Concept Paired-Associate Learning
Concept Verbal Learning
Concept Memory Disorders
Concept Memory, Episodic
Concept Memory, Long-Term
Concept Learning
Concept Problem-Based Learning
Academic Article Reduced prefrontal activation during working and long-term memory tasks and impaired patient-reported cognition among cancer survivors postchemotherapy compared with healthy controls.
Academic Article Enhanced reinstatement of naturalistic event memories due to hippocampal-network-targeted stimulation.
Academic Article Subtle hippocampal deformities in breast cancer survivors with reduced episodic memory and self-reported cognitive concerns.
Academic Article Selective verbal recognition memory impairments are associated with atrophy of the language network in non-semantic variants of primary progressive aphasia.
Academic Article Correction: Large-scale network interactions supporting item-context memory formation.
Academic Article Fluent conceptual processing and explicit memory for faces are electrophysiologically distinct.
Academic Article Medial temporal contributions to successful face-name learning.
Academic Article Punishment insensitivity and impaired reinforcement learning in preschoolers.
Academic Article An electrophysiological signature of unconscious recognition memory.
Academic Article Rapid coordination of effective learning by the human hippocampus.
Academic Article Structural and Functional MRI Evidence for Distinct Medial Temporal and Prefrontal Roles in Context-dependent Relational Memory.
Academic Article On the pervasive influences of implicit memory.
Academic Article Connections between mechanisms for anosognosia and implicit memory.
Academic Article Remembering and knowing: electrophysiological distinctions at encoding but not retrieval.
Academic Article Competitive and cooperative interactions between medial temporal and striatal learning systems.
Academic Article Stimulating the hippocampal posterior-medial network enhances task-dependent connectivity and memory.
Academic Article Age-related impairments in active learning and strategic visual exploration.
Academic Article Conceptual priming and familiarity: different expressions of memory during recognition testing with distinct neurophysiological correlates.
Academic Article Neural correlates of conceptual implicit memory and their contamination of putative neural correlates of explicit memory.
Academic Article Strengthening individual memories by reactivating them during sleep.
Academic Article Long-term associative memory capacity in man.
Academic Article Brain networks for exploration decisions utilizing distinct modeled information types during contextual learning.
Academic Article Brain substrates of implicit and explicit memory: the importance of concurrently acquired neural signals of both memory types.
Academic Article Hemisphere-specific effects of prefrontal theta-burst stimulation on visual recognition memory accuracy and awareness.
Academic Article Network-targeted stimulation engages neurobehavioral hallmarks of age-related memory decline.
Academic Article Binding among select episodic elements is altered via active short-term retrieval.
Academic Article A Closer Look at the Hippocampus and Memory.
Academic Article Episodic memory improvements due to noninvasive stimulation targeting the cortical-hippocampal network: A replication and extension experiment.
Academic Article Establishing a relationship between activity reduction in human perirhinal cortex and priming.
Academic Article Cortical regions recruited for complex active-learning strategies and action planning exhibit rapid reactivation during memory retrieval.
Academic Article Adolescent development of context-dependent stimulus-reward association memory and its neural correlates.
Academic Article Hippocampal binding of novel information with dominant memory traces can support both memory stability and change.
Academic Article Recognition without awareness in humans and its implications for animal models of episodic memory.
Academic Article Prefrontal ?-Burst Stimulation Disrupts the Organizing Influence of Active Short-Term Retrieval on Episodic Memory.
Academic Article Finding meaning in novel geometric shapes influences electrophysiological correlates of repetition and dissociates perceptual and conceptual priming.
Academic Article Covert rapid action-memory simulation (CRAMS): a hypothesis of hippocampal-prefrontal interactions for adaptive behavior.
Academic Article Validating neural correlates of familiarity.
Academic Article Assuming too much from 'familiar' brain potentials.
Academic Article Testing network properties of episodic memory using non-invasive brain stimulation.
Academic Article Memory awareness disruptions in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: comparison of multiple awareness types for verbal and visuospatial material.
Academic Article Memory reactivation and consolidation during sleep.
Academic Article What makes recognition without awareness appear to be elusive? Strategic factors that influence the accuracy of guesses.
Academic Article Electrophysiological correlates of forming memories for faces, names, and face-name associations.
Academic Article Hippocampal contribution to implicit configuration memory expressed via eye movements during scene exploration.
Academic Article Active retrieval facilitates across-episode binding by modulating the content of memory.
Academic Article Event-related brain potentials that distinguish false memory for events that occurred only seconds in the past.
Academic Article Targeted enhancement of cortical-hippocampal brain networks and associative memory.
Academic Article Increased fMRI activity correlations in autobiographical memory versus resting states.
Academic Article Selective and coherent activity increases due to stimulation indicate functional distinctions between episodic memory networks.
Academic Article Distinguishing the precision of spatial recollection from its success: Evidence from healthy aging and unilateral mesial temporal lobe resection.
Academic Article Cerebellar Theta and Beta Noninvasive Stimulation Rhythms Differentially Influence Episodic Memory versus Semantic Prediction.
Academic Article Evidence for Immediate Enhancement of Hippocampal Memory Encoding by Network-Targeted Theta-Burst Stimulation during Concurrent fMRI.
Academic Article Frequency-specific noninvasive modulation of memory retrieval and its relationship with hippocampal network connectivity.
Academic Article Bridging divergent neural models of recognition memory: introduction to the special issue and commentary on key issues.
Academic Article Associative Recognition Memory Awareness Improved by Theta-Burst Stimulation of Frontopolar Cortex.
Academic Article Large-scale network interactions supporting item-context memory formation.
Academic Article Basic perceptual changes that alter meaning and neural correlates of recognition memory.
Academic Article Spatial reconstruction by patients with hippocampal damage is dominated by relational memory errors.
Academic Article Spontaneous revisitation during visual exploration as a link among strategic behavior, learning, and the hippocampus.
Academic Article Hippocampal brain-network coordination during volitional exploratory behavior enhances learning.
Academic Article Stimulation of the Posterior Cortical-Hippocampal Network Enhances Precision of Memory Recollection.
Academic Article Accurate forced-choice recognition without awareness of memory retrieval.
Academic Article Hippocampal-cortical contributions to strategic exploration during perceptual discrimination.
Academic Article Distinct Hippocampal versus Frontoparietal Network Contributions to Retrieval and Memory-guided Exploration.
Academic Article More than a feeling: Pervasive influences of memory without awareness of retrieval.
Academic Article Long-lasting enhancements of memory and hippocampal-cortical functional connectivity following multiple-day targeted noninvasive stimulation.
Academic Article Looking for the neural basis of memory.
Academic Article Evidence from theta-burst stimulation that age-related de-differentiation of the hippocampal network is functional for episodic memory.
Academic Article A direct test of competitive versus cooperative episodic-procedural network dynamics in human memory.
Academic Article Stimulation of distinct parietal locations differentiates frontal versus hippocampal network involvement in memory formation.
Concept Spatial Memory
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