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Concept Urinary Incontinence
Concept Urinary Incontinence, Stress
Academic Article Can MRI predict which patients are most likely to benefit from percutaneous positioning of volume-adjustable balloon devices?
Academic Article Complications of Urethral Bulking Agents for Stress Urinary Incontinence: An Extensive Review Including Case Reports.
Academic Article Transvaginal sling using acellular human dermal allograft: safety and efficacy in 253 patients.
Academic Article Complications of urethral bulking therapy for female stress urinary incontinence.
Academic Article Adjustable continence therapy (ProACT) and bone anchored male sling: Comparison of two new treatments of post prostatectomy incontinence.
Academic Article Adjustable continence therapy for treatment of recurrent female urinary incontinence.
Academic Article Editorial comment on: botulinum toxin A improves the quality of life of patients with neurogenic urinary incontinence.
Academic Article Coital Incontinence in Women With Urinary Incontinence: An International Study.
Academic Article Correlation between urodynamic function and 3D cat scan anatomy in neobladders: does it exist?
Academic Article Two-year outcomes for the AltisĀ® adjustable single incision sling system for treatment of stress urinary incontinence.
Academic Article Long-term efficacy of the trans-obturator and retropubic mid-urethral slings for stress urinary incontinence: update from a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Adjustable continence therapy for severe intrinsic sphincter deficiency and recurrent female stress urinary incontinence: long-term experience.
Academic Article Evaluation of minimally invasive analysis system for cough leak point pressure measurement.
Academic Article Preoperative Valsalva leak point pressure may not predict outcome of mid-urethral slings. Analysis from a randomized controlled trial of retropubic versus transobturator mid-urethral slings.
Academic Article International Urogynecological Association (IUGA)/International Continence Society (ICS) joint terminology and classification of the complications related to native tissue female pelvic floor surgery.
Academic Article The safety and efficacy of a new adjustable single incision sling for female stress urinary incontinence.
Academic Article Tension-free vaginal tape versus transobturator tape as surgery for stress urinary incontinence: results of a multicentre randomised trial.
Academic Article Transobturator tape in the management of female stress incontinence: clinical outcomes at medium term follow-up.
Academic Article Measurement of post-void residual urine.
Academic Article Adjustable Continence Therapy for the treatment of male stress urinary incontinence: a single-centre study.
Academic Article Geometrical stepper-guided navigation system for ProACT implant under transrectal ultrasound control: preliminary data.
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