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Concept Motor Neurons
Concept Neurons
Academic Article Using neuronal populations to study the mechanisms underlying spatial and feature attention.
Academic Article When attention wanders: how uncontrolled fluctuations in attention affect performance.
Academic Article A neuronal population measure of attention predicts behavioral performance on individual trials.
Academic Article A Refined Neuronal Population Measure of Visual Attention.
Academic Article Circuit Models of Low-Dimensional Shared Variability in Cortical Networks.
Academic Article A general decoding strategy explains the relationship between behavior and correlated variability.
Academic Article Topological insights into the neural basis of flexible behavior.
Academic Article Coordinated multiplexing of information about separate objects in visual cortex.
Academic Article Dynamic task-belief is an integral part of decision-making.
Academic Article Methylphenidate as a causal test of translational and basic neural coding hypotheses.
Academic Article Attention improves information flow between neuronal populations without changing the communication subspace.
Academic Article Low rank mechanisms underlying flexible visual representations.
Academic Article Simultaneous multi-area recordings suggest that attention improves performance by reshaping stimulus representations.
Academic Article Neuronal population mechanisms of lightness perception.
Academic Article A normalization model suggests that attention changes the weighting of inputs between visual areas.
Academic Article Stimulus Dependence of Correlated Variability across Cortical Areas.
Academic Article Relating normalization to neuronal populations across cortical areas.
Academic Article Global cognitive factors modulate correlated response variability between V4 neurons.
Academic Article Attention can either increase or decrease spike count correlations in visual cortex.
Academic Article Pursuing the link between neurons and behavior.
Academic Article Eppendorf winner. When attention wanders.
Academic Article Decision-related activity in sensory neurons: correlations among neurons and with behavior.
Academic Article Measuring and interpreting neuronal correlations.
Academic Article Stimulus onset quenches neural variability: a widespread cortical phenomenon.
Academic Article Estimates of the contribution of single neurons to perception depend on timescale and noise correlation.
Academic Article Context-dependent changes in functional circuitry in visual area MT.
Grant Topological bridges between circuits, models, and behavior
Grant Using Attention to Understand Cortical Population Codes
Grant Using Attention to Understand Cortical Population Codes
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