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Concept Life Support Care
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Academic Article Survey of American College of Surgeons Committee on trauma members on firearm injury: Consensus and opportunities.
Academic Article COVID-19 induced PTSD: Stressors for trauma and acute care surgeons.
Academic Article Variability in Postdischarge Survival Among Older Adults With Traumatic Injury.
Academic Article The value of quality-adjusted life years: commentary on Séguin et al.
Academic Article Dead men tell no tales: analysis of the use of autopsy reports in trauma system performance improvement activities.
Academic Article General surgeons and the Advanced Trauma Life Support course: is it time to refocus?
Academic Article A reassessment of the impact of trauma systems consultation on regional trauma system development.
Academic Article Analysis of surgical participation in the Advanced Trauma Life Support course. What are the goals and are we meeting them?
Academic Article Research: questions and answers from academic trauma surgeons.
Academic Article Rank and file weighs in on trauma and general surgery issues: results frow a survey of ACS Fellows.
Academic Article Acute Care Surgery Billing, Coding and Documentation Series Part 3: Coding of Additional Select Procedures; Modifiers; Telemedicine Coding; Robotic Surgery.
Academic Article Acute Care Surgery Billing, Coding and Documentation Series Part 1: Basic Evaluation and Management (E/M), Emergency Department E/M, Prolonged Services, Adult Critical Care Documentation and Coding.
Academic Article Why surgeons prefer not to care for trauma patients.
Academic Article Trauma care fellowships: current status and future survival.
Academic Article Early subspecialization and perceived competence in surgical training: are residents ready?
Academic Article Survey of Surgeons' Perspectives of Wound Care Centers and Chronic Wound Care.
Academic Article Update on the status and future of acute care surgery: 10 years later.
Academic Article The impact of variation in trauma care times: urban versus rural.
Academic Article Ventilator-associated pneumonia after combined burn and trauma is caused by associated injuries and not the burn wound.
Academic Article Analysis of compliance and outcomes in a trauma system with a 2-hour transfer rule.
Academic Article Neurosurgical coverage: essential, desired, or irrelevant for good patient care and trauma center status.
Academic Article Moving the cheese: a commentary on debate over the acute care surgery initiative.
Academic Article Analysis of preventable trauma deaths and inappropriate trauma care in a rural state.
Academic Article The shape of things to come: results from a national survey of trauma surgeons on issues concerning their future.
Academic Article Appendicitis after laparoscopic appendectomy: a warning.
Academic Article Acute care surgery fellowship graduates' practice patterns: The additional training is an asset.
Academic Article Medicare's bundling of trauma care codes violates relative value principles.
Academic Article Invited critique: learner satisfaction with web-based learning as an adjunct to clinical experience in burn surgery.
Academic Article Traumatic lumbar hernia: case report and literature review.
Academic Article Commentary on Raum et al--Emergency trauma score.
Academic Article Analysis of preventable trauma deaths and opportunities for trauma care improvement in utah.
Academic Article Acute Care Surgery Billing, Coding and Documentation Series Part 2: Postoperative Documentation and Coding; Documentation and Coding in Conjunction with Trainees and Advanced Practitioners; Coding Select Procedures.
Academic Article Making the case for a paradigm shift in trauma surgery.
Academic Article Analysis of preventable pediatric trauma deaths and inappropriate trauma care in Montana.
Academic Article Emergency department recognition program for pediatric services: does it make a difference?
Academic Article Surgical resident perceptions of trauma surgery as a specialty.
Academic Article Emergency trauma score… still not quite ready for prime time?
Academic Article Implications of alcohol intoxication at the time of burn and smoke inhalation injury: an epidemiologic and clinical analysis.
Academic Article Perception of differences between trauma care and other surgical emergencies: results from a national survey of surgeons.
Academic Article Factors affecting emergency department assessment and management of pain in children.
Academic Article Mechanism of injury does not predict acuity or level of service need: field triage criteria revisited.
Academic Article Changing epidemiology of injury-related pediatric mortality in a rural state: implications for injury control.
Academic Article Ten year experience of burn, trauma, and combined burn/trauma injuries comparing outcomes.
Academic Article American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Organ Injury Scale (OIS): past, present, and future.
Academic Article Firearm injury control: A call to arms for wide-ranging advocacy.
Academic Article Trauma and trauma care systems: in the throes of an identity crisis: a plea for changing the vernacular and the mind-set.
Academic Article Nutritional gain versus financial gain: The role of metabolic carts in the surgical ICU.
Academic Article Comparison of outcomes after laparoscopic versus open appendectomy for acute appendicitis at 222 ACS NSQIP hospitals.
Academic Article Broken bones and orthopedist groans: can an acute care surgeon fix both?
Academic Article State trauma system evaluation: a unique and comprehensive approach.
Academic Article What is the meaning of labels on trauma care?
Academic Article Acute care surgery: now that we have built it, will they come?
Academic Article Attempted suicide and the elderly trauma patient: risk factors and outcomes.
Academic Article Human immunodeficiency virus and infectious considerations.
Academic Article Effect of a voluntary trauma system on preventable death and inappropriate care in a rural state.

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