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overview We study human genomic factors that control and interact with the microbiome. We utilize high-throughput genomics technologies and employ computational, statistical, machine learning, and population genetic analytical approaches, with the goal of understanding how we interact with our microbial communities, how host-microbe interactions affect human disease, and how the symbiosis between us and our microbiome evolved.
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Concept Biological Evolution
Concept Evolution, Molecular
Academic Article An evolutionarily conserved sexual signature in the primate brain.
Academic Article Gene regulation in primates evolves under tissue-specific selection pressures.
Academic Article A signature of evolutionary constraint on a subset of ectopically expressed olfactory receptor genes.
Academic Article Comparative metabolomics in primates reveals the effects of diet and gene regulatory variation on metabolic divergence.
Academic Article Recent evolution of the salivary mucin MUC7.
Academic Article Longitudinal Multi-omics Reveals Subset-Specific Mechanisms Underlying Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Academic Article The gut microbiome of nonhuman primates: Lessons in ecology and evolution.
Academic Article Colorectal cancer mutational profiles correlate with defined microbial communities in the tumor microenvironment.
Academic Article Microbial control of host gene regulation and the evolution of host-microbiome interactions in primates.
Academic Article Temporal variation selects for diet-microbe co-metabolic traits in the gut of Gorilla spp.
Academic Article Selective constraints in experimentally defined primate regulatory regions.
Academic Article The "domino theory" of gene death: gradual and mass gene extinction events in three lineages of obligate symbiotic bacterial pathogens.
Academic Article Archaic Hominin Introgression in Africa Contributes to Functional Salivary MUC7 Genetic Variation.
Academic Article Erratum for Gomez et al., "Plasticity in the Human Gut Microbiome Defies Evolutionary Constraints".
Academic Article Plasticity in the Human Gut Microbiome Defies Evolutionary Constraints.
Academic Article Atopic Dermatitis Susceptibility Variants in Filaggrin Hitchhike Hornerin Selective Sweep.
Academic Article Codiversification of gut microbiota with humans.
Academic Article Universal gut microbial relationships in the gut microbiome of wild baboons.
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