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Concept Models, Statistical
Academic Article Random effects probit and logistic regression models for three-level data.
Academic Article A comment on the selection of 'healthy controls' for psychiatric experiments.
Academic Article A random-effects ordinal regression model for multilevel analysis.
Academic Article Application of random-effects probit regression models.
Academic Article MIXREG: a computer program for mixed-effects regression analysis with autocorrelated errors.
Academic Article Role of previous claims and specialty on the effectiveness of risk-management education for office-based physicians.
Academic Article Some conceptual and statistical issues in analysis of longitudinal psychiatric data. Application to the NIMH treatment of Depression Collaborative Research Program dataset.
Academic Article A comparison of mixed-effects quantile stratification propensity adjustment strategies for longitudinal treatment effectiveness analyses of continuous outcomes.
Academic Article Behavioral economics and drug choice: effects of unit price on cocaine self-administration by monkeys.
Academic Article Bayesian mixed-effects location and scale models for multivariate longitudinal outcomes: an application to ecological momentary assessment data.
Academic Article A mixed-effects quintile-stratified propensity adjustment for effectiveness analyses of ordered categorical doses.
Academic Article Modeling between-subject and within-subject variances in ecological momentary assessment data using mixed-effects location scale models.
Academic Article Performance of a propensity score adjustment in longitudinal studies with covariate-dependent representation.
Academic Article Simulation of massive public health data by power polynomials.
Academic Article Estimating individual influences of behavioral intentions: an application of random-effects modeling to the theory of reasoned action.
Academic Article Analysis of binary outcomes with missing data: missing = smoking, last observation carried forward, and a little multiple imputation.
Academic Article Random-effects regression analysis of correlated grouped-time survival data.
Academic Article Modeling mood variation and covariation among adolescent smokers: application of a bivariate location-scale mixed-effects model.
Academic Article A mixed-effects regression model for three-level ordinal response data.
Academic Article Application of random-effects regression models in relapse research.
Academic Article A three-level mixed-effects location scale model with an application to ecological momentary assessment data.
Academic Article Two propensity score-based strategies for a three-decade observational study: investigating psychotropic medications and suicide risk.
Academic Article An application of a mixed-effects location scale model for analysis of Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) data.
Academic Article The natural history of college smoking: trajectories of daily smoking during the freshman year.
Academic Article A comment on analyzing addictive behaviors over time.
Academic Article Binary variable multiple-model multiple imputation to address missing data mechanism uncertainty: application to a smoking cessation trial.
Academic Article Comparison of population-averaged and subject-specific approaches for analyzing repeated binary outcomes.
Academic Article Bias reduction with an adjustment for participants' intent to dropout of a randomized controlled clinical trial.
Academic Article Analysis of clustered data in community psychology: with an example from a worksite smoking cessation project.
Academic Article A novel modeling framework for ordinal data defined by collapsed counts.
Academic Article Classification Tree Analysis as a Method for Uncovering Relations Between CHRNA5A3B4 and CHRNB3A6 in Predicting Smoking Progression in Adolescent Smokers.
Academic Article Sigmoidal mixed models for longitudinal data.
Academic Article A scalable approach to measuring the impact of nonignorable nonresponse with an EMA application.
Academic Article A note on marginalization of regression parameters from mixed models of binary outcomes.
Academic Article Latent trait shared-parameter mixed models for missing ecological momentary assessment data.
Academic Article Using multivariate mixed-effects selection models for analyzing batch-processed proteomics data with non-ignorable missingness.
Academic Article A 3-level Bayesian mixed effects location scale model with an application to ecological momentary assessment data.
Academic Article A mixed-effects location scale model for time-to-event data: A smoking behavior application.
Academic Article Measuring the Impact of Nonignorable Missingness Using the R Package isni.
Grant Novel Statistical Models for Intensive Longitudinal Analyses of Cancer Control Behaviors
Grant Novel Statistical Models for EMA Studies of Physical Activity
Academic Article Criterion validity and relationships between alternative hierarchical dimensional models of general and specific psychopathology.
Academic Article Defining R-squared measures for mixed-effects location scale models.
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