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Concept Models, Statistical
Academic Article Bayesian dose-finding in phase I/II clinical trials using toxicity and efficacy odds ratios.
Academic Article Dose--schedule finding in phase I/II clinical trials using a Bayesian isotonic transformation.
Academic Article Dose-finding in phase I clinical trials based on toxicity probability intervals.
Academic Article A novel means of using gene clusters in a two-step empirical Bayes method for predicting classes of samples.
Academic Article Applications of beta-mixture models in bioinformatics.
Academic Article A modified toxicity probability interval method for dose-finding trials.
Academic Article Bayclone: Bayesian nonparametric inference of tumor subclones using NGS data.
Academic Article Bayesian models based on test statistics for multiple hypothesis testing problems.
Academic Article Modified toxicity probability interval design: a safer and more reliable method than the 3 + 3 design for practical phase I trials.
Academic Article Accuracy of RNA-Seq and its dependence on sequencing depth.
Academic Article An integrated dose-finding tool for phase I trials in oncology.
Academic Article Toxicity and Efficacy Probability Interval Design for Phase I Adoptive Cell Therapy Dose-Finding Clinical Trials.
Academic Article A Bayesian interval dose-finding design addressingOckham's razor: mTPI-2.
Academic Article R-TPI: rolling toxicity probability interval design to shorten the duration and maintain safety of phase I trials.
Academic Article A Bayesian random partition model for sequential refinement and coagulation.
Academic Article Bayesian continual reassessment method for dose-finding trials infusing T cells with limited sample size.
Grant Bayesian Inference for Tumor Heterogeneity with Next-Generation Sequencing Data

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