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overview Dr. Rana's research focuses on the pathogenesis of preeclampsia, a common hypertensive disorder of pregnancy. She is particularly interested in elucidating the role of angiogenic biomarkers in the prediction of adverse maternal and fetal outcomes. Dr. Rana conducts national and international translational studies.

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Concept Myocytes, Cardiac
Academic Article Midpregnancy levels of angiogenic markers in relation to maternal characteristics.
Academic Article Angiogenic factors in diagnosis, management, and research in preeclampsia.
Academic Article Circulating soluble endoglin and placental abruption.
Academic Article Cardiac angiogenic imbalance leads to peripartum cardiomyopathy.
Academic Article Mid-pregnancy levels of angiogenic markers as indicators of pathways to preterm delivery.
Academic Article The course of angiogenic factors in early- vs. late-onset preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome.
Academic Article Role of oxidative stress and antioxidant supplementation in pregnancy disorders.
Academic Article Circulating levels of the antiangiogenic marker soluble FMS-like tyrosine kinase 1 are elevated in women with pregestational diabetes and preeclampsia: angiogenic markers in preeclampsia and preexisting diabetes.
Academic Article The use of angiogenic biomarkers to differentiate non-HELLP related thrombocytopenia from HELLP syndrome.
Academic Article Angiogenic factors in preeclampsia: potential for diagnosis and treatment.
Academic Article Circulating angiogenic factors and risk of adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes in twin pregnancies with suspected preeclampsia.
Academic Article Placental origins of angiogenic dysfunction in mirror syndrome.
Academic Article Modeling risk for severe adverse outcomes using angiogenic factor measurements in women with suspected preterm preeclampsia.
Academic Article Angiogenic factor imbalance early in pregnancy predicts adverse outcomes in patients with lupus and antiphospholipid antibodies: results of the PROMISSE study.
Academic Article Circulating Antiangiogenic Factors and Myocardial Dysfunction in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy.
Academic Article Sequential plasma angiogenic factors levels in women with suspected preeclampsia.
Academic Article KRYPTOR-automated angiogenic factor assays and risk of preeclampsia-related adverse outcomes.
Academic Article Angiogenic Proteins: Can These Biomarkers Help to Prevent Maternal Deaths Related to Preeclampsia?
Academic Article Household air pollution and angiogenic factors in pregnant Nigerian women: A randomized controlled ethanol cookstove intervention.
Academic Article Activin A and Late Postpartum Cardiac Dysfunction Among Women With Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy.
Academic Article Abnormal mid-trimester cardiac strain in women with chronic hypertension predates superimposed preeclampsia.
Academic Article Analytical validation of soluble fms-like tyrosine and placental growth factor assays on B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR Compact Plus automated immunoassay platform.
Academic Article Angiogenic biomarkers in triage and risk for preeclampsia with severe features.
Academic Article Association of antepartum blood pressure levels and angiogenic profile among women with chronic hypertension.
Academic Article Angiogenic Factor Estimation as a Warning Sign of Preeclampsia-Related Peripartum Morbidity Among Hospitalized Patients.
Academic Article Preeclampsia: Pathophysiology, Challenges, and Perspectives
Academic Article Angiogenic factor abnormalities and risk of peripartum complications and prematurity among urban predominantly obese parturients with chronic hypertension.
Academic Article Antepartum Aspirin Administration Reduces Activin A and Cardiac Global Longitudinal Strain in Preeclamptic Women.
Academic Article Evaluation of angiogenic factors in the decision to admit women with suspected preeclampsia.
Academic Article Imbalances in circulating angiogenic factors in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia and related disorders.
Academic Article Real life outpatient biomarker use in management of hypertensive pregnancies in third trimester in a low resource SeTting: ROBUST study.
Academic Article Real-World Use of Biomarkers in Management of Hypertension During Pregnancy: Adjunct to Clinical Care.
Academic Article Long-Term Postpartum Cardiac Function and Its Association With Preeclampsia.
Academic Article Use of the angiogenic biomarker profile to risk stratify patients with fetal growth restriction.
Academic Article The interval between births and the risk of recurrent preeclampsia among predominantly high risk women in urban tertiary care center.
Academic Article Clinical interpretation and implementation of the sFlt-1/PlGF ratio in the prediction, diagnosis and management of preeclampsia.
Academic Article Angiogenic Biomarkers for Risk Stratification in Women with Preeclampsia.
Academic Article Women's perspectives and attitudes towards the utility of angiogenic biomarkers in preeclampsia.

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