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Concept Contrast Sensitivity
Academic Article Color shifts from S-cone patterned backgrounds: contrast sensitivity and spatial frequency selectivity.
Academic Article Brightness induction: unequal spatial integration with increments and decrements.
Academic Article Two separate neural mechanisms of brightness induction.
Academic Article Chromatic assimilation: spread light or neural mechanism?
Academic Article The role of luminance edges in misbinding of color to form.
Academic Article Color perception within a chromatic context: the effect of short-wavelength light on color appearance.
Academic Article Chromatic induction with remote chromatic contrast varied in magnitude, spatial frequency, and chromaticity.
Academic Article Color perception within a chromatic context: changes in red/green equilibria caused by noncontiguous light.
Academic Article What kinds of contours bound the reach of filled-in color?
Academic Article Brightness contrast from inhomogeneous surrounds.
Academic Article Chromatic assimilation measured by temporal nulling.
Academic Article Surface color perception under two illuminants: the second illuminant reduces color constancy.
Academic Article A central mechanism of chromatic contrast.
Academic Article Resolution of binocular rivalry: Perceptual misbinding of color.
Academic Article Articulation: brightness, apparent illumination, and contrast ratios.
Academic Article Chromatic induction: border contrast or adaptation to surrounding light?
Academic Article Simultaneous S-cone contrast.
Academic Article Induced steady color shifts from temporally varying surrounds.
Academic Article Color shifts induced by S-cone patterns are mediated by a neural representation driven by multiple cone types.
Academic Article Brightness contrast and assimilation from patterned inducing backgrounds.
Academic Article Induction from a below-threshold chromatic pattern.
Academic Article Lightness and brightness judgments of coplanar retinally noncontiguous surfaces.
Academic Article An account of brightness in complex scenes based on inferred illumination.
Academic Article Monocular and binocular mechanisms mediating flicker adaptation.
Academic Article Illusory edges comingle with real edges in the neural representation of objects.
Academic Article Decoding chromaticity and luminance from patterns of EEG activity.
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