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Concept Computational Biology
Academic Article Integrative Array Analyzer: a software package for analysis of cross-platform and cross-species microarray data.
Academic Article Integrative missing value estimation for microarray data.
Academic Article A graph-based approach to systematically reconstruct human transcriptional regulatory modules.
Academic Article Mining coherent dense subgraphs across massive biological networks for functional discovery.
Academic Article Bayesian approach to transforming public gene expression repositories into disease diagnosis databases.
Academic Article A novel computational framework for simultaneous integration of multiple types of genomic data to identify microRNA-gene regulatory modules.
Academic Article Identifying multi-layer gene regulatory modules from multi-dimensional genomic data.
Academic Article Integrating many co-splicing networks to reconstruct splicing regulatory modules.
Academic Article Algorithm to identify frequent coupled modules from two-layered network series: application to study transcription and splicing coupling.
Academic Article Unraveling complex temporal associations in cellular systems across multiple time-series microarray datasets.
Academic Article Integrative analysis of many weighted co-expression networks using tensor computation.
Academic Article Systematic discovery of functional modules and context-specific functional annotation of human genome.
Academic Article An integrative modular approach to systematically predict gene-phenotype associations.
Academic Article Integrative disease classification based on cross-platform microarray data.
Academic Article Matrix factorization methods for integrative cancer genomics.
Academic Article Hi-Corrector: a fast, scalable and memory-efficient package for normalizing large-scale Hi-C data.
Academic Article Integrative analysis of many RNA-seq datasets to study alternative splicing.
Academic Article Producing genome structure populations with the dynamic and automated PGS software.
Academic Article CancerDetector: ultrasensitive and non-invasive cancer detection at the resolution of individual reads using cell-free DNA methylation sequencing data.
Academic Article CMEP: a database for circulating microRNA expression profiling.
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